Amazing optical illusion

YouTuber brusspup is known for his videos of spectacular scientific experiments and amazing optical illusions. In his latest video he, again, laughs gravitiy straight in the face before giving it a swift kick in the nuts. Prepare to be amazed, as you see water hang in mid-air and even flow backwards!

What sorcery is this, you ask? Brusspup used a subwoofer with a 24hz sine and a camera shooting at 24 frames per second to make this magic happen. Brusspup further explains how exactly this works:

Basically your cameras frame rate is synced up with the rate of the vibrations of the water so it appears to be frozen or still. Now if you play a 23 hz sine wave your frame rate will be off just a little compared to the sine wave causing the water to “move backward” or so as it appears. You can play a 25 hz sine wave and cause the water to move slowly forward.

I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out brusspup’s youtube channel for more mindblowing illusions.