Thanks to natural selection, living in nature is an experience that — for most animals born without giant claws or the ability to spray toxic bodily fluids from it’s behind — has a lot in common with a leprechaun’s penis: it’s short and hard. Fortunately, it’s not all pure horror and there are softer sides to being alive as well. For example: many animals are sociable, at least among their own kind. Sometimes, however, buddying happens between different species that defies all laws of nature and in some cases the natural food-chain itself. Here are 50 unusual animal friendships that are as surprising as they are heartwarming. 

animal friends

Unusual animal friendships: cat and dog

animal friendship004

animal friendship003

animal friendship005

animal friendship006

animal friendship07

animal friendship008

animal friendship010

animal friendship012

animal friendship013

animal friendship014

animal friendship015

animal friendship016

animal friendship017

animal friendship018

animal friendship019

animal friendship020

animal friendship021

animal friendship022

animal friendship023

animal friendship024

animal friendship025

animal friendship026

animal friendship027

animal friendship028

animal friendship029

animal friendship030

animal friendship031

animal friendship032

animal friendship033

animal friendship034

animal friendship035

animal friendship036

animal friendship037

animal friendship038

animal friendship039

animal friendship040

animal friendship042

animal friendship044

animal friends046

animal friendship048

animal friendships 047

animal friendships 050

animal friendships045

animal friendships0049

animal friendship041

animal friendships 044

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