Okay, it looks cute now, but wait till it starts breathing fire and devoure virgins!

Dragons exist in many forms throughout history. You’ll find reference to them in songs from days of old, poetry, literature and tattoos, many… MANY tattoos. Dragons have always triggered our imagination but of course most of us only relate to dragons from fairy tales. What we have here, however, is no Photoshop trickery and looks remarkably close to a cute Baby Dragon.

So, Are dragons real?

Yes, well kind of. This bizarre animal is called the Draco Volans, also known as the Flying Dragon, and can be found in the Southwest Tropical forests of Asia and India. This “Baby Dragon”, is a member of the gliding lizards Draco. In order to move from one tree to the next, these bizarre animals can spread out folds of skin attached to its movable ribs to form “wings” and glide over 160 ft!

The colorful flaps also acts as a giant billboard sign with two particular functions. First, it attracts the attention of other Draco’s who are on the lookout for love. Secondly, the wings are pretty much nature’s equivalent to a McDonalds neon-sign for predators such as snakes. However as soon as they come close — the Draco transforms itself into a living hang-glider and takes the sky — making the predator feel like a monkey trying to solve a math problem in the process.

baby dragon3

A real life baby dragon