Here we have another example of a picture that has Photoshop written all over it. However it is in fact the World’s biggest Swiss Army Knife. I know that it seems to have more tools than a brain surgeon would need and unless you are Big Foot– it seems impossible to fit in your hand. But I shit you not- this is a real knife called the “Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife”. For those who think this is a complete fake, you can buy it right here.

Legends also tell of a forrest in Switzerland where one is said to be stuck into a stone. If you can find it and are able to pull the knife from the stone- then you don’t have to pay the hefty $2199 price tag. On the flip side… that course of action would automatically make you the new King Of Switzerland, which is a lot of responsibility.

This is the biggest swiss army knife in the world
Mac Gyver would be freaking unstoppable if he had this giant swiss army knife!