For a lot of us, deers have a special place in our heart. There is just something magical about these fragile and elegant creatures, and lets be honest; how many of us would have shed a tear if Bambi starred a cow?

water deer001

The cute little guy is called a Water Deer. You can probably just picture yourself there, can’t you? Watching him gently eat the leaves as you wonder why this cute animal is also known as the Vampire Deer. As you try to get closer, a twig snaps underneath your foot. Startled, the Water Deer raises his head to look at you…

water deer02
The blood is the life… and it shall be mine!

and then lunges for your jugular vein. No, that is not a Photoshop or a prank that involves novelty wax dracula teeth. The water deer really is a tiny deer with freaking, Saber-Tooth-sized fangs. If you would run into one of these in a dark forest then no one would blame you for stabbing it through the heart with a wooden stake.

For the record though, they are totally harmless, and there is no record of a water deer actually biting a person, who then returns from the grave to walk the Earth as an undead Water Deer themselves. Then again, this could also prove they are just really good at getting away with it…

water deer006

water deer04
I bet you never expected a picture of deer to give you nightmares…

water deer007