Bizarre Animal, you wish you didn’t know excisted

bizarre animal the Mexican Mole Lizard

Great, a snake that can open doors…

Today is the start of a new topic called bizarre animal of the week! Every week we will pick an animal that looks so bizarre you will think it’s Photoshopped and, after discovering this isn’t the case, most likely dream about for month’s to come. Our first horrifying entry to the series is this Mexican Mole Lizard!

As you probably know, we humans have no real natural enemies and we can just go on with our daily lives without ever having to worry about getting eaten. Well, unless your one of those people who keeps a pet lion of course. One of the reasons for that is the fact that we are intelligent and have hands to build things like; spears, zombie bunkers and flamethrowers. Without our hands we would probably be extinct eons ago and it’s what gives us a pretty significant advantage over any other creatures in the animal kingdom. [Continue Reading…]

However just imagine if nature wanted to even the playing field… Here we have the first sign of a horrifying phase of evolution where snakes start to grow arms! Meaning it could in theory open your bedroom door and assassinate you in your sleep! Fortunately for us these Mexican Mole Lizard’s are not able to wipe out the human race just yet. They are quite tiny (15–23 cm), only live for 1 to 2 years and thankfully only eat ground dwelling insects and earthworms. Therefore mankind hasn’t declared war on these bizarre animals, at least not yet! However if you manage to spot one creating fire using friction or flint- then be sure to notify the military so that proper actions can be taken before it’s to late!

bizarre animal that will haunt your deams

Just wait you humanssssss…

Bizarre Animal Emergency Update!

I do not want to start a global panic, but Mexico seems to be place where potential doom for the human race seems to be blooming. Here we have another example of a bizarre animal growing hands! It is called the Mexican Walking Fish and yes… it looks kinda cute. However what if that is just a disguise while legions of these fish are secretly planning an aquatic invasion?!

bizarre animal that can potentially wipe out the human race

Yes it looks cute, but who knows what goes on behind that cheeky smile?!

Stay tuned for more bizarre animal sightings and stay vigilante while we gather more intelligence about these bizarre phenomena’s!

Posted By Ron Rombouts


  1. The “Mexican Walking Fish” is called Axolotl and it has the (breathtaking) capacity of regenerating dying cells itself when they die, making it potentially immortal… And now we can begin to pray for it to have good intentions…

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