Weird Animals You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped (Part 3)

I think we can all agree that nature can be a cruel douchebaguette sometimes but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Take these weird animals for example. Each of them looks like one of nature’s practical jokes and made millions of internet users squeal “fake, fake, faaaake!!” They are, however, totally real. We are talking about odd animals such as:


  1. The Oar-fish. I’d really like to know where exactly they pulled that thing. That’s about to make or break my vacation this year. 

    • The oarfish is a creature that’s believed to be near extinct, it’s a terribly rare fish and those that come up to the surface are usually dead or dying.

  2. Hmmm…cool! The “Blue Parrot Fish” gives a whole new meaning to the “Bluefish” species (though it’s likely not even related). I’m just sayin’…

  3. so the long necked turtle is a real animal, I’ve handled them and seen them in person. The photo you used to represent it is a photoshopped red footed tortoise. The real animal actually looks much cooler.

  4. LMAO that shit was funny and interesting at the same time. This vampire deer would scare the living shit out of me for real!!

  5. absolutely amazing bio diversity on the earth….one only has to wonder what amazing species exist out there that are not yet “discovered” and put up on a web page or on youtube…hopefully still alive and not brutally killed while being caught….go buddhist!

  6. that was some realy scary shit man,i mean i stil dont belive that picture with that deer, but it was interesting to watch ,but only one time

  7. So many are doubting the Vampire Deer. It is a true animal. I am a biologist and know about this species, research it.

  8. the snake head fish looks nothing like that
    the “vampire deer” is a Siberian musk dear
    the pacu fish has very small almost square teeth – similar to a human in the sense that they’re the teeth of omnivores, also their mouths are far too small to bight off human testicles – that’s a myth. the picture of the pacu fish is a well known photoshop job. As a matter of fact it looks as if all of these images have been enhanced and edited in some way in order to make the animals look more shocking and amazing….

      • Get some rest, David, it’s 2:36 am. If you don’t, you’re not going to be any fun to hang out with at parties either. Truth hurts. Thanks for pointing out the facts, Craig.

  9. I am amazing, that are we living in the same planet…………………………..or these creatures from other unknown planet…………???????????

    Yea, really amazing……. These are the evidential credentials of Gods supremacy engineeringness……………..before his entertainmentfull craft work we are nothing.

  10. i liked them all just not the snake head fish. ans puleeze
    do not ad a goblin shark ok? i saw a pic of one and it nearly stopped my heart. i love that ailien antalope thing though!

  11. i know the snake head fish is real but the snake head fish looks unreal you know what i mean. that blue fish looks so beautiful. please add new ones to!

  12. try adding the helicoprion. its a shark that did exist many years ago, but is still very exciting and weird.try Google pic it

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