Bizarre pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped.
Sorry… that is actually a SOOP…

It must be extremely hard for photographers to impress anyone these days. We are living in a time where any random 16-year-old, with a copy of MS-Paint and a bag of weed can pull some seriously mental things from his computer like: Lightsaber wielding kittens, an elephant with a zebra head or even Kim Kardashian without cellulite… It just can’t get wild enough for these photo manipulation wizkids!

With so much fake stuff clogging the internet, it’s unfortunate that some of the most unbelievable pictures can unjustly get written off as a “SOOP”. Therefore I have created this list of bizarre pictures you wouldn’t believe aren’t Photoshopped and deserve more credit, images such as: ———————————————————————————————————————-

1. Underwater Vortex Portal

Someone seems to have gone way overboard with Photoshop’s Warping tool in this picture. It does look pretty, but I doubt anyone would take this image seriously. Comic Book fans will probably expect the Silver Surfer to pop out from that hole and warn us about a about intergalactic doom scenario. But believe it or not, this is a real photograph captured at the Ladybower Reservoir in the UK. It is not actually a sink hole, but what is referred to as a Plughole or Spillway.

Bizarre pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped.
You don’t want to be close when that thing flushes!

This gigantic funnel is man-made and build In case of extreme rainfall or flooding. The excess water will then flow into the hole, which helps to prevent the destruction of the Lady Bower dam. How bizarre this may seem, this kind of technology is used in many lakes around the world.

A Glory Hole in mid construction, Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Here is a shot of the gigantic funnel, in mid construction


2. Fire Tornado

What looks like a CGI scene lifted from a direct-to-video Sci-Fi movie, is actually a bizarre and frightening spectacle of mother nature as a outback blaze breathed live into this tornado in Australia. Firemen were trying to control the fire for almost a week, but stopped for 40 minutes to take this baffling sight in. I suspect they also did so in order to check if battling the “Ancient Firelord Demon”, they expected to appear at any moment, fell within their pay grade.

bizarre pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Screw it… I am not getting paid enough for this shit…

Fire whirl, colloquially fire devil or fire tornado, is a phenomenon—rarely captured on camera—in which a fire, under certain conditions (depending on air temperature and currents), acquires a vertical vorticity and forms a whirl, or a tornado-like vertically oriented rotating column of air. Fire whirls may be whirlwinds separated from the flames, either within the burn area or outside it, or a vortex of flame, itself. (source- Wikipedia).

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Looks like special effects from the 80’s


3. Lost – Photoshop contest!

This looks like a Photoshop competition for the Lost tv-series website, where people were asked to imagine how they would survive on the island. Someone would say “I wouldn’t just sleep there in a crummy little tent and wait for “The Others” to jump me in my sleep or wait for some freaking smoke monster to drag me through the jungle! Hell no, I would take that crashed plane, hang it high up a tree and transform it into this super sweet crib! Nobody would ever want to leave this temple of awesomeness ever again!”.

bizarre pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
This is how I would roll if I was trapped on the Island of Lost!

But no, this is actually a real place called the Costa Verde Hotel. The airplane in question, a 1965 Boing model, spent decades flying as part of the South African Airways, and later Columbia’s Avianca Airlines. When it was time for the plane to be retired a group of investors bought it and flew it to San Jose. Here they transformed it to this unique resort. On the outside of the plane there are wooden decks above each wing with hand-carved teak furniture. From these perches visitors can spot toucans, monkeys, and sloths, to say nothing of the jaw-dropping sunsets over the ocean.

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped ———————————————————————————————————————-

 4. I should have known 20 bucks for a GPS system was to good to be true

Either they ran out of money and just left this road half way finished for any unwary traveller to plunge into the sea- or someone has gone crazy in Photoshop. Maybe the result of a “don’t drink and drive” advertisement poster? However this is actually a real bridge in Norway called the Storseisundet Bridge, which translated probably reads “bridge build by drunkards”.

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
@#!%!! I will never buy a GPS on the Chinese market again!

It’s so dramatically shaped that it would make even the most fool-harded of motorist turn their vehicle around and curse their navigation system to eternal damnation. However, those who are not afraid to take this leap of faith will realise that the invisible road is just a bizarre optical illusion.

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
This bridge is also referred to as the “Drunken Bridge”, I wonder why…


5. Lion Jumping – new means of transportation for the utter insane!

My wise grandfather once told me there are 3 basic truth’s in life…

  1. Junk is something you’ve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.
  2. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.
  3. Lions are freaking mental!
Man riding a lion at the circus
Whatever you accomplish in life, you will be never be as awesome as this guy!

With the endless wisdom of my grandpa in mind, it’s not hard to imagine why this picture will be responded to with a big “Fake, Fake, Fakeeeee!!!”. Sure sitting on a Lion is somewhat believable for a circus performer. Maybe for 10 seconds untill the beast starts to swing his tail, growl and realise he still hasn’t had any breakfast yet. But actually making such a big jump on the back of a lion, just seems to absurd to not be Photoshopped.

The image reminds me of a SOOP a motivational guru would use on his website, next to a photo of a guy climbing to the moon on an extension ladder, “believe in yourself and you can do anything”!! However I can assure you that this picture is 100% unedited. His name is Askold Zapashny, a Russian lion tamer who performed this bizarre stunt during the Camelot circus in St. Petersburg and actually lived to tell about it. With this amazing feat, he managed to place himself in the Guinness Book of World Records “for longest jump riding a lion“, which is 2.30 meters.


 6. Big Chair- Little People- Photoshop contest

Here we have a photo that just wouldn’t even make sense to be real. Why go through all the trouble of building a gigantic chair on a seemingly empty beach, when one could just crop and paste a chair in a background with tiny looking people- and get the same result? This is however a real giant chair…

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
*Pictures courtesy of Metro UK*

Almost 6 meter tall and weighing more than an adult elephant, this is the world’s largest deck chair. It’s creator, Stuart Murdoch, spend 3 weeks putting this amazing structure together and it was built to mark the start of British Summer Time. Now lets just pray to the almighty, Stuart isn’t planning on doing a themed mega construction for the International Cannabis Day and spark a global outbreak of munchie craving, pothead zombie’s…

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
*Pictures courtesy of Metro UK*


7. Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet my new girlfriend…

Seeing Chito cuddle with his girlfriend, a 980lb crocodile named Pocho, must be a nail-biting experience for his parents. This wonderful tale of romance and  terror started 20 years ago. The two met when Chito (Gilberto Shedden) found the crocodile dying in the Parismina river, after being shot by a farmer for eating one of his cows near shore. It was not love at first sight as the fisherman decided to load the dying croc on his boat and take him home for the hide. But, as the days passed the animal did not die and slowly a surprising romance developed between the two. This bond between Man and Crocodile is so unique that dozens of scientists, animal behavior experts and journalists visit the home of “Chito” and “Pocho” to study their intimate relationship.

Images you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Coochy Coochy Coo!

Not only do they enjoy a romantic swim together under a sailor moon, but Chito has also taught Pocho a few tricks like; rolling over, giving a paw, lifting her tail out of the water- and to wink…

Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
No fear at all with his marbles fully exposed!


8. The radioactive origins of the Care Bears

This image could easily be a screenshot for the next Halo game rendered on a Xbox 360… but it’s not. This is called the Fly Geyser and is located near Gerlach, Nevada.

images you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Why Bill, why?!!

The brightly coloured mineral buildup from the continuous eruption makes it look like a giant rainbow Sorbet, but that’s not all. There are two other very bizarre facts about this Geyser;

  1. For some strange reason it seems to be growing and scientist are aching to learn more about this mysterious occurrence.
  2. Unfortunately for them, the geyser is located on private area and the owner, Bill Spoo doesn’t want anyone near his geyser.

Since only a James Bond villain is diabolical enough to own his private geyser, we’ll just assume Bill is using it as a Geo-Thermal Plant to power the automated laser turrets of his secret underground lair… ———————————————————————————————————————-

9. Take off that silly Bat Costume and get in here for diner!

I Know what you are thinking… That has to be either a Photoshop or a toddler planking while wearing a bat costume. The truth however is far more frightening. This creature is called the “giant golden-crowned flying fox” and is one of the largest bat species in the world! They are extremely rare and confined to the forests of the Philippines. Also they feed primarily on figs- and not teenagers, who manage to get trapped in a broken down school bus, as you would expect.

A good reason never to leave the house in the Philippines…
Pictures you wouldn't believe aren't Photoshopped
Only one of the biggest bats? Come on now nature…


10. Thunder Vulcano, almost to badass to be real

This is what they call a Dirty Thunderstorm, and it occurs whenever the ash plume from an erupting volcano generates enough static electricity, or whenever you finally hurl Saurons accursed ring into the fires of Mt. Doom.
lightning vulcano



11. Gravity? A fuck, I give not ~ Billy the Goat

I know what you’re thinking but no, this picture was not created by someone skilled in the art of Photoshop trickery. Amazingly, these tree-climbing goats are actually real: they climb the Argan trees of Morocco in search of food, which is otherwise sparse in the region. Over time they have become not only able to climb trees but downright adept at the art – the traipse across trees with a sure-footedness that is hard to imagine from a hoofed animal.

goats in tree


Remember this is just part 1 of the “Pictures you wouldn’t believe aren’t Photoshopped” saga- and part 2 is soon to follow! If you have any suggestions of pictures which deserve a spot in the list- then don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know!