Top 10 – Most bizarre things owned by Michael Jackson

There’s lots of celebrity crazies out there with a bizarre taste for fashion- but only MJ could get away with looking totally insane- and badass at the same time!

Before we get strarted I would like to point out that I am a huge Michael Jackson fan! I grew up watching his video’s on MTV ( for the younger readers: there was a time when MTV actually played music video’s), I know the lyrics to every single MJ song- and have perfected the “Moon Walk” after years of extensive practise. In my opinion MJ was a musical genius and the best entertainer who ever lived! However he was also the only person on the planet who could claim himself to be the King of something- while wearing a Zorro mask in public and not get locked up in a rubber padded room… when he probably should have.

Michael always seemed to be walking a fine line between genius and utter insanity- and I loved it all! From the white beaded gloves- the gravity defying dance moves- to the baby shaking madman inside him… I love nuts! And nobody… I mean nobody… has managed to turn nuttiness into an art form like he did. His taste for the bizarre didn’t just show in his physical appearance but also in the things he collected during his lifetime. He obviously had an expensive taste because, at the time of his death, Michael had built up around $500 million in debts! Below you will find the Top 10 – Most bizarre things owned by Michael Jackson, which were to be sold at an estate auction to clear these debts.

1. Welcome to planet MJ

This gate ornament was covered with real 24kt gold leaf. The rest of the gate had fiber optics so the “Neverland” letters would twinkle. I guess MJ wasn’t to worried about hiding his Peter Pan complex…

No house should be complete without one of these…


2. Disturbing Oil Paintings…

That’s a lovely painting MJ- love the colours!

Awww… so cute. But why is the little guy crying?

Hmm… isn’t that a little odd?

Wait…shouldn’t she be wearing more clothes?

OMG …what the hell is he doing??!!



3. Creepy Looking Dolls

One of your creepiest dolls please…

Wrap up the scary ass baby as well- so that it may haunt me in my dreams forever…


4. Life Size Superhero Statues- shaped in his own image

MJ loved the Dark Knight

Of course no life size superhero collection would be complete without the Man of Steel


5. MJ’s Gold Bust – The humilty

He probably watched Star Wars- when he had this made.


6. Bizarre Portrait Paintings

His Royal Highness

Knighted and Crowned all at once!

Michael’s Poem on the painting

Copyright infringement anyone?

Michael showcasing his Peter Pan Complex again. This time in the form of a golf cart paint job


7. Royalty Starters Pack- Mj took his royal status pretty seriously…


Royal cloak…Check

Crown and enough jewelry to rival Queen Elizabeth’s crown jewels… Check


8. Macaulay Culkin’s Finger Painting

Never knew Macaulay Culkin was so talented!


9. The Neverland Signs – awesome collectibles!

Considering the Neverland amusement park was worth over $125 million – this sign sure looks crappy!

Does this also remind you of the Dreamworks logo?

Almost sounds like a threat!


10. Gold Plated Coffee Machine!

This looks like the coffee machine of Zeus himself!


    • What is disturbing is what America did to this man. You showed your ugly side for sure. The obsession with money and sex the total lack of common sense the bully culture which torments everyone who doesn’t fit in what America considers “normal”.

      Well let me tell you NASCAR is 10 times more creepy than any of these items. Millions of American watch that crap waiting for the cars to crash and get a thrill out of it. Creepy as fuck and you consider it normal.
      Plenty of other “normal” American activities which are frankly total nuts like pledging alliance to a fucking flag every morning. No other civilized country does this only American. You are nuts.
      Take a look in the mirror before you call MJ disturbing.

  1. Sound like the person who captured under each picture is a Hater. Are you jealous? He owned these items?. I think you are. So you really think a black man that was blessed with a talent from God he is not suppose have nothing? Think again scummy!! Lets see what you can DO!! Lets see how far you go and you buy when you die A H.

    • Wow Denise, I have to assume you are just an ignorant person…. You can not even use proper grammar while trying to stand up for a seriously ill child rapist. Good luck in life. You are desperately going to need it.

      • You are more than ignorant you are willfully ignorant and ignore common sense. He was not a child rapist, no child even accused him of rape for that matter let alone him doing it. Rape could have been easily disproven with medical exam so the accusers didn’t go there. If you want to find someone seriously ill look at Evan Chadnler and Janet Arvizo who coached their kids to lie about molestation so they could make money for themselves. Everything about Neverland was about to capure the innocence of childhood which is what MJ was interested in and that you would see that painting as creepy only proves that you have a creepy and dirty mind.
        Now explain why a child molester would waste tens of millions to build place like Neverland which was full of adult witnesses including some police officers and why would he invite the parents there including aggressive fathers like Kit Culkin?

  2. I think that the collection shows just how seriously disturbed he really was.He had decended into a world of fantasy and unreality with no one willing or perhaps able to pull him back.I think that this may be a case also of those you surround yourself with aiding the retreat from reality.Think of those that protected him,probably ignored his activities,fed him drugs etc.Yes he was seriously ill,but probably seriously dangerous also to children in his deluded state.I think it remarkable that it all went on for so long.No I do not want to own anything by Michael Jackson.

    • He was not dangerous to children at all which is why no child ever tried to get away from him. Why do you think out of the hundreds of kids who knew him only three who had three crooked parents salivating for MJ’s money accused him? How come the very kids who spent the most time with him have nothing but respect and love for him? How come men who were molested by men like Todd Bridges, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, James Debarge, Taj Jackson have so much admiration for him? They knew MJ and they knew molesters too and they knew the difference that’s why,.

      That you would call this disturbing shows how seriously disturbed you are. MJ simply loved ART , all form of art, he was curious about it since he was a child. There is nothing wrong with creating a fantasy world Walt Disney did that too so did other artists.
      He was NOT ill! Stop acting like you were his doctor. He was never diagnosed with any mental illness even thought people like you constantly bullied him. You would have done the same with Beethoven, Mussorgsky or Salvador Dali because sure as hell they were even more eccentric than MJ was.

  3. Well Denise,I dont mean to be rude,but just how would you know the race of anyone here who has commented.How also would it have any point?As I read it peoples comments have been about the collection at various levels,not about anything else.I do not think ihave anything more to say upon the subject than perhaps read carefully what people have actually said and not read into them motives that clearly are not there in relation to race,success,jealous desires,people being haters etc.I wish you a calmer perspecive.Good luck.

    • Sure because if someone is different than anyone else then he is messed up. MJ was an artist and was interested in all kinds of arts. Also a lot of people sent him stuff, fans sent him gifts and he didn’t have the heart to throw them away.
      You didn’t know MJ at all. Neverland was a happy place for 1000s of people as diverse as Nancy Regan and Sean Lennon. Maybe you should listen to those who actually knew him instead of the media’s sick interpretation of his home.

  4. […] almost seem evil and I seriously wonder where one would buy such creepy dolls, other than the Michael Jackson estate auction. As you walk the island, it supposedly feels like you are being watched at all […]

  5. There’s NOTHING WRONG with these objects. While some of it is quite eccentric, such as the dolls, you’d be surprised what your neighbor or father has in their private collection. The author of this article is somehow trying to imply that the oil paintings are creepy – based on what? It your disgusting mind that can make innocent children, playing with each other to something creepy and disgusting. It needs to be stated that these portraits were not the creation of the singer Michael Jackson BUT pieces by the artist that made them. Let’s put that into perspective. In addition to that, the artist was trying to convey the nature of children, which is innocent and natural. Children being themselves it not creepy or sexual. Stop it. He loved himself, like MOST celebrities and most people today. Else, how come social media – with billions of photos of oneself is so popular?Well because we LOVE THE cult of ONESELF! MJ was not different. Also these objects were not supposed to be seen by anyone else but him, family and friends. Imagine all the crazy stuff they’d find in your closet – if you were famous like him!

  6. You are ill! There is nothing wrong with any of those objects! Creative people loves creative things, you have no fantasy, you are not an artist, so don’t hate things only because you don’t understand them.

  7. That painting was made by David Nordhal a perfectly normal and decent artist and he wanted to capture the innocence of children. What the heck is creepy about those things? Those are the things kids do every day all over the world.

    As for the self potraits and the royalty stuff do you think MJ is the only artist in history who liked self potraits?
    Freddie Mercury not only owned royal cloak and jewelry he wore them on stage! How do you want to call that creepy too? MJ simply loved the aesthetics of royal art. So what?

    As for the dolls Mary Osmond collected a bunch of dolls. YOu could say some of them was creepy because dolls often are. So let’s call Osmond nuts too?

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