bizarre zoo which allows children to pet dangerous animals
A bizarre zoo in Argentina allows tourists to get extremely close and personal with some of the most dangerous animals in the world.

At the Lujan Zoo near Buenos Aires visitors can, cuddle bears, feed cheetahs or ride a tiger buck naked, while singing the He-Man Masters of the Universe theme song. There really seem to be no rules, no safety precautions and the cages are accessible to anyone, including children. Strangely enough there have been no reports of any accident during the years this bizarre zoo has been open to the public. Still you can only enter the cage after you signed the paper that says the zoo is not responsible for you ending up as a meal.

Lujan Zoo is about 50 miles from Buenos Aires and you can live out your Jungle Book fantasies for just $7. It has become a popular tourist destination for animal lovers from all over the world. However animal protection charity, The Born Free Foundation, has condemned the zoo and urges tourists not to visit. They believe the bizarre zoo is irresponsible and are putting the lives of their visitors at mortal risk on a daily basis. The zoo officials of course agree to disagree and are proud of being the first interactive zoo in the world. Either way, the pictures visitor’s take home with them are goddamn amazing as you can see inside the post…

Lion Petting, Bear Hurling… it’s all good. In Argentina people aren’t hung up on safety as in the rest of the world.
Petting lions in the Lujan Zoo. This is one bizarre zoo
Petting lions in the Lujan Zoo, yup this is one bizarre zoo…
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Posted By Ron Rombouts