Just when you thought you seen it all, this comes along. For us this has to be one of the creepiest things we have seen in a while. This bizarre looking contraption was designed by David Cerny, a Czech artist who crafted it as a unique tribute to the 2012 Olympic Games. As you can see it is a double-decker bus with massive human arms. The machine is cursed to a life of doing push-ups for the rest of eternity by its creator, who says he chose the exercise because it is common to all sports and every athlete from every walk of life. As if seeing a double-decker bus with human limbs isn’t disturbing enough, the massive bus moans in exertion with every press. We’ll be seeing this one in our nightmare!

The installation is titled “London Booster” and is currently on display right outside the Olympic Headquarters. Also be sure to check out the video of the amazing and bizarre machine inside the article!

Red Bus that can do Pushups