There are not many things that scare me in life. I can tell you stories of how I once saved a whole family of Panda’s from a sinking- in fire engulfed- steamboat while recovering from two broken legs after a failed parachute landing from the Eifel Tower. However I am man enough to admit that Butterflies freak me out. That is especially weird when most people see them as a symbol of beauty and joy.

There really is no logical explanation for it, other than that one time when one stared at me while I was out playing midget-golf.. *shudders*. Anyway I decided to face my fear head on- by bringing you my personal top 5 of the most terrifying butterflies to haunt your dreams- or at least mine…

1. The Bizarre Poodle Moth
The insect and its fluffy cotton wool coat lives in the forests of Venezuela, and was caught on camera by taxonomist Dr Arthur Anker. Not much is known about this mysterious creature other than that it looks like some twisted mix between a poodle- a bird- and a Pokémon character!

One very rare and very bizarre looking butterfly
Tell me that doesn’t look like something from a 70’s horror movie?!

2. Atlas Moth- Largest Butterfly in the World
With a wingspan of around 30 centimeters you better have a damn big shoe ready when of these monsters comes flapping around your porch light.

The poor girl never had a chance

3. The Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar
This one hasn’t even become a butterfly yet and already it seems hell-hound on creeping me the hell out!

Oh I am sorry…I hope I didn’t scare you with my diabolical stare!

4. The Butterfly That Stares At You Through a Freaking Skull!
Some say butterflies are carriers of the soul of the dead and believe they are messengers from a different dimension! I think this picture illustrates that perfectly…


5. Flower Praying Mantis
Ok this one is not really a butterfly but it sure looks like one- making it arguably more frightening than most butterflies! In defence of these Praying Mantis they do not try to look like butterflies but mimic the appearance of the flowers that they live – and hide – among. Their legs, wings and other body parts often look like petals or foliage, and in general their coloring tends to blend in with that of the flora they inhabit.

I admit that these Flower Mantis sure are photogenic 🙂


  1. Im a bit confused why there is only one butterfly in this whole article their were 3 moths ( including the title photo) a caterpillar and a praying mantis so wouldn’t you be more afraid of moths since the 50% of the articles photos were moths not butterfly’s? ( I also think the poodle moth is adorable, no offence) I do not mean to be rude or ignorant with this comment simply curious.

  2. エヴァつけまつげ。その発想はマジでなかったレイカラーとアスカカラーです。これはちょっと楽しいですね言われないと絶対わかんないけどねそんな、おしゃれで、着てみたい・つけてみたいエヴァアイテムをドーンと紹介しているのが『MODE EVANGELION』エヴァファッション専門ムックですすごい時代になったね!

  3. that “70s horror movie” one is actaully a Venezuelan Poodle moth, and thats clearly a praying mantis at the end. barely any of these are even butterflies, lol, do your research pls