Camel Spider: The Truth Behind The Myth

The Camel Spider has to be one of the scariest things to walk our planet. I mean, just look at it! It’s as if nature has taken all the bad things you ever did in your life and made a bug out of it just to punish you. But how scared should you really be them?

There are a lot of urban legends surrounding the Camel Spider such as: their ability to jump over large distances, them running over 20 mph to catch it’s prey (you) and U.S soldiers who were attacked and even eaten in their sleep by these monster spiders. Fortunately, most of them are all urban legends and the reality is a bit less frightening. Below we separate truth from fiction in our quest to help our readers sleep better at night. But first, lets start with some photographs of what is still the worst thing that could be hiding in your walk-in closet.

Camel Spider: Holy Crap Is That Real?!

Camel spider

The most famous picture of the Camel Spider, photographed during the 1990-91 Gulf War. After hitting the interweb, this picture quickly went viral and the horror stories began to spread like wildfire. This picture made it look like American soldiers weren’t just fighting the Iraqi forces but also a new breed of super spiders that could easily take over the world if they wanted to.

camel spider attack


camel spider 0053

Later photographs, however, revealed that the camel spider wasn’t quite as horrifying as first thought and it seemed less likely that they were capable of dragging screaming, U.S soldiers out of their tents at night to feast on them. In fact, this one actually looks pretty cute if you ask me.

Just when the horror stories seem to have lost it’s momentum, new photo’s emerged that were even more horrifying then what we’ve seen before.

large spider

Holy balls, just look at it! I would immediately believe that one bite would make the heads of 200 elephants explode based on that photograph alone.

camel spider 00023

giant spider

camel spider model

But calm down folks, it later turned out to be a incredibly detailed model created by Graham Owen.

All in all, the fear for the Camel Spider has been somewhat exaggerated. Camel Spiders are usually not dangerous to us, but, dangerous or not, these creatures are still are horrifying thing to run into and I pity the fool who encounters one for the first time. And yes, they can bite… and while not deadly, this can lead to horrible infections.

Camel Spider bite

camel spider bite

Here we have a picture that circulated  as a Camel Spider bite. The carnage is downright disgusting and chances are you just vomited over your laptop (sorry about that). It shows a gaping hole around the wound and the skin rotting away, leaving a gooey mess that resembles pizza. This, however, is not a Camel Spider bite but was in fact caused by a brown recluse spider. Camel Spiders on the other hand are not poisonous at all.

Camel Spider Facts


  • Camel Spider top speed – 10 mph. Which is still very fast for a such a small creature.
  • Size: Up to 8 inches, although many have reported larger.
  • Called camel spiders because they live in the desert, not because they eat Camels.


Camel spider myths busted


  • Camel spiders can move at speeds of over 30 MPH, and let out a terrible scream while they run.
  • Camel spiders venom can make the heads of 200 elephants explode
  • Camel spiders can be as large as a frisbee.


Posted By Sandra
source: Graham Owen


  1. Who is this author?

    Gulf War of 1990 as the name suggests was in the Gulf (Iraq / Kuwait), not Afghanistan.

    More than one photo is spelt “PHOTOS” not Photo’s.

    Exaggeration is not only spelt incorrectly, the term “OverExaggeration” itself is an exaggeration, as the word Exaggeratiin means “Overstating, Amplifying”, you can’t over over something. It would be like saying, “Greg used to travel to school on a bus, it was his everyday’s daily routine”.

    I hope you didn’t pay the author…

    • Chunky: I hope nobody’s paying you for your over exaggerated reviews, ya fucking smartass. This is the internet not grammar school.

      And over exaggerated is not improper grammar. The use of “over” as a verbal prefix suggests that the suffix, exaggeration, is over the norm. The norm here being for exaggerating, would be stretching the truth a little bit. Exaggerate does have boundaries. You can only exaggerate so far, before you blow the whole thing out of proportion and then go on a tangent. This would then be the over exaggeration.

      “The sun is so hot outside, it must be a hundred degrees!”
      (suppose it is nowhere near 100 degrees)

      Over exaggeration:
      “The sun is so hot outside, it must be a billion degrees!”


      I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!

      Over exaggeration:
      I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse, then a whale!

      The same works the opposite way as well.
      Proof by Contradiction:

      “You can make the jump, it’s only five feet.”

      “I think you’re under-exaggerating. It’s more like 15 feet.”

      So Chunky, don’t be an asshole grammar Nazi online. Or someone will do it right back.

      • Sandy, I totally agree with you, I loved holding my babies and often found it easier to hold them instead of lugging around the carierr. People are stupid! Babies and children loved to be held!!!

  2. My father in law says when he’s in Iraq on his tour he can hear these things running on top of the sand/ground

  3. I can attest to the fact of the last picture!! I was once bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider & their poison DOES rot flesh!! It was very painful & I had to be in the hospital for 10 days!!

  4. this is not the camel spiders I’ve seen in Iraq.. I have seen one and luckily survived another at night that I didn’t see.. they do not play, very hostile creatures.. especially toward bigger figures.. the camel spiders I saw were just about the color of the sand.. they can grow to be a foot long (just the body).. then their legs are measured for their diameter

    They hiss.. I know because one hissed at me (the one I survived from at night).. I almost collapse at the moment; it sent chills throughout my entire body.. another day, one waltz into our HQ and a soldier attempted to step on it.. the camel spider popped back up, shook it off and charged at him with his front legs high up.. The soldier then repeatedly stepped on the spider until it became disfigured and dismembered

  5. I never new about all the exageration behind these little guys!! I can’t believe that people actually buy some of this stuff!

  6. Definitely a weird creature that requires a great deal of respect. Wicked cool looking with the giant red fangs.
    That one shot c the soldier reminds me of the Alien movies.

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