Car Swallowed By Tree- Nature just doesn’t care about classics!

Here we have a bizarre looking scene of a tree growing through a freaking car. I know some of you will start sending me emails saying “FAKE, FAKE, FAKEEEEE!!”. So to beat you the punch I have added some additional references as this weird phenomena is actually quite common.

In short the bizarre mystery behind the picture is really simple to explain. Someone got drunk as a monkey one night and abandoned his/her car without remembering where they left it. While doing so – the car remained next to a small tree which just grew right through it over the years. Trees do that: If survival means growing right around whatever happens to be parked between them and the sun, they’re going to do it, no matter if you have a good excuse for parking your car near a tree and leaving if for 3 years. Trees just don’t give a shit.

Someone is gonna be pissed once he remembers where he parked his car!

Nature can be ruthless to people with a bad memory!

This bicycle is actually quite a famous landmark in Vashon Island


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