Meet Sam, the ever surprised looking cat with eyebrows that would make even Mr. Spock green with envy. Thanks to the power of social media and cuteness, the eyebrowed cat went viral overnight and now has over 35,000 followers on Instagram!

Sam the eyebrowed cat

The Grumpy Cat vs the eyebrowed cat
After Internet sensation, the Grumpy Cat, we might now have the next big thing!

On March 2012, Sam’s owner found a empty cat carrier in front of his house. At first he didn’t give it much thought until he noticed a cat, showing a very distinctive marking, hidden away in a small crevice behind his house. After taking Sam in, the owner did not want to get to attached to Sam at first, as they already owned two cats and knew they couldn’t keep a third. But — since no mere mortal could ever resist such a Disney-cute stare — they decided to keep Sam instead.

The Cat With Eyebrows

sam the cat with eyebrow

sam the cat with eyebrow 3

cat with eyebrows 02

Sam The Cat With Eyebrows

Sam the cat with eyebrows

eyebrowed cat

cute cat with eyebrow

Sam the cat with eyebrows

cat with eyebrows 09

The wonderful cat with eyebrows

Sam the cat

cat with eyebrows 013

cat with eyebrows 0023

sam the cat with eyebrow 2

So is Sam the cutest thing to hit the interweb since the Grumpy Cat? Let us know by leaving a comment below! Also, if you’d like to see more of the fabulous eyebrowed cat then be sure to visit Sam’s very own website.