The original Chewbacca mask sold for a whopping $172,000!

The original "Chewbacca" mask auctioned for $172,000

the original mask worn by actor Peter Mayhew was valued for “only” $60,000

“Star Wars” must no doubt have the most fanatic fan base on the planet as last week this original “Star Wars” Chewbacca headpiece topped a prop auction, selling for an astonishing $172,000. Other highlights of the auction were an original art-poster (see below) that went for $73,800 and a “blaster rifle” which fetched $104,550.

Original Star Wars poster auctioned for over $100,000According to the auction catalog, the mask worn by actor Peter Mayhew was valued around $60,000 and no one in their wildest dreams expected it to sell for the amount that it did. The collectible also includes all the original pieces used in the first three films including a foam head made by Freeborn to house the entire mask and the original eye casts made from a mold of Mayhew’s face. It has also been “professionally finished with original period ‘Wookie’ hair acquired for ‘Return of the Jedi’ by Freeborn in 1981.”

With $172,000 the Chewbacca mask is definetly one of the most expensive Star Wars collectible to ever been auctioned. However the record still stands for the original Star Wars Panavision camera, which was sold for a jaw-dropping $520,000 by the brother of Carrie Fisher, yes the actress who played princes Leia in the epic saga.

“Star Wars” Panavision camera sold at auction is “the most expensive ‘Star Wars’ collectible item of all time”


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