amazing pencil art to cure boredom
Yup that is a normal size pencil
These pieces of creative art will blow your mind.
Talk about Creative Art and yes that is a normal size pencil!

If you just googled, “I am bored” then I will just go ahead and assume you finished checking all the Twitter- and Facebook updates, rearranged your sock drawers and are now bored out of your mind… If that is the case, then here are some hobbyideas that might be your cure for dreaded boredom!

Sure, these forms of creative art might require inhuman skill, but with enough free time on your hands, you can learn the craziest things. For instance how to…

Create Miniature Pencil Sculptures

Most artists use their pencils to create art, but Dalton Ghetti figured that was way to mainstream and creates miniature sculptures out of his pencils instead. The 49-year-old carpenter said: “At school I would carve a friend’s name into the wood of a pencil and then give it to them as a present. Later, when I got into sculpture, I would make these huge pieces from things like wood, but decided I wanted to challenge myself by trying to make things as small as possible. Sure Dalton, but we all know such a thing can only be the product of extreme boredom channeled into pure awesomeness!

pencil art to cure your boredom
Am bored doesn’t exist in Dalton’s vocabulary

If your bored and have insane skill, then pencil art might be your cure!

If your bored and have insane skill, then pencil art might be your cure!
The maestro doing his magic!


Knit Yourself A life-Size Ferrari!

For 22 year-old art student and knitster extraordinaire, Lauren Porter it only took 12 miles of yarn to kill any symptoms of boredom she had at the time. Well, at least for the 10 month’s it took to knit this weird and wonderful creation together. Right now, I heard she is knitting a life-size Godzilla to keep her busy on the long-term! (ok I made that last part up, but be sure to check out her other amazing creations right here!)

Knitting a life size Ferrari is a good way to kill some time
Knitting a life-size Ferrari is a great way to kill some time!

Am bored, well why not start knitting a life-size Ferrari?

Am bored, well why not start knitting a life-size Ferrari?

Am bored, well why not start knitting a life-size Ferrari?


Build A City From Eggs!

All it takes is steady hands and a couple of years of you life!

Here are some suggestions of things to do when your bored

Great idea's to cure your boredom

Creating a giant egg sculpture is a great idea to fight boredom


Fix A Gazillion Rubik’s Cube’s- And Turn Them Into A Gigantic Mosaic Artwork!

Designer Pete Fecteau was plagued by a reoccurring bad internet connection. He figured he needed to do something when his internet was down and also about the surplus of Rubrik’s Cubes he had lying around… something insane!! The solution was building this 454 kg weighing portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. from fixed Rubrik’s Cubes!

Awesome way to cure boredom
Depending on your skill-level with the Rubik’s Cube – this could take between 1 and 500 years to finish…


Get Creative With Your Food

When you were a child, how many times did you mother tell you not to play with your food? Well forget about all of that and take the skills you picked up during your kinder garden years to a whole new level!

If your bored then creating a artwork from your food is a good solution

Are you bored - then food art might be a good idea to learn!

Try getting creative with your food to battle boredom


Build Giant Animals From Rubber Tires

Am bored and Yong Ho Ji do not belong in the same sentence anymore after he picked up this bizarre and weird hobby. After getting bored with spending his days playing Farmville he figured he had to do something about his dreaded boredom. He soon started recycling old tires and turning them into incredible works of art. If you have a big enough garden, then this might be an idea to cure your boredom!

animal statues from rubber tires

animal statues from rubber tires

A lion made from rubber tires


Rearrange Your Shelves To Make Them Look Like Skulls

Through the centuries, vanitas has been an important theme in art. One of the main symbols of Vanitas is the skull. With too much free time on his hands, the London artist James Hopkins decided to integrate his love for this art form into his living room and this is the weird and wonderful result!

Are you bored then how about rearanging your shelves?


Turn Your Broken Watch Into a Miniature Motorcycle!

Sometimes we have so much free time on our hands, that we lose track of space and time. Chances are that your watch has stopped working month’s ago without even noticing. If that is the case then how about getting creative with your broken down watch? For Dan Tanenbaum this has become a great alternative to fishing and he has made a ton of these fantastic mini sculptures. Be sure to check out his Facebook page and give this Canadian master craftsman some love!

Are you bored then how about creating motorcycles from watch parts?

Are you bored, then how about turning your broken watch into a mini motorcycle sculpture?


Create a Herd of Sheep From Retro Phones

I bet most of us still have at least one of those ancient rotary phones lying around somewhere in the basement. We keep them around as a reminder of a time where people were still able to function in their daily lives without being glued to a mobile device 24-7. This was also true for Jean Luc Cornec who decided to battle boredom by turning his collection of retro phones into a flock of free-roaming sheep! These weird and bizarre scupltures are now on exhibit at the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt.

Sheep made from old retro phones


I hope you enjoyed these forms of creative art. If you ever  manage to build a weird and wonderful creation yourself then be sure to let us know! 🙂
Posted By Ron Rombouts