logo design fail china restaurant

We all make mistakes, but when a designer has an off-day then the consequences can be pretty embarrassing to say the least. Here you will find fifteen of the biggest design fails that never should have seen the light of day but got the green light anyway.

Should the people who came up with these ideas still be hiding under their bed in shame, or is it just me having a dirty mind? You decide with fifteen of the most bizarre and inconvenient design fails gathered from around the world.

design fail
Just in case you missed it…
candle design fail
Candlesticks design fail.
design fails01
Disturbing side-view fail
design fails03
Embarrassing placement of the exhaust pipe
design fails06
Somehow I just lost my appetite…
design fails07
I don’t even want to know what happens behind those doors…
design fails08
The “rising moon” swimming trunks as worn by the Singapore men’s water polo team during the Asian Games
hannah montana candy
So the Hannah Montana people wanted to sell some sort of Hannah Montana-related candy, great idea. She appeals to kids, kids love candy, how can that go wrong you wonder? Well, how about by making them flesh pink and penis shaped…
Maybe even worse then the Hannah Montana Concert candy, Coloured penises that were supposed to look like lighthouses.
Christmas decoration design fail
Design Fails010
French fashion chain La Redoute committed the most bizarre of advertising fails by featuring a photo on its website and in its catalog of four happy children frolicking on a beach—with a creepy naked dude wading in the water behind them. Run, kids, run!
design fails013
I think Megaflicks needs a new font

We’ll just leave these here as well…
design fails02

design fails04

design fails05