I think everybody likes a good scare from time to time and who isn’t fascinated by ghost’s and other creepy visual phenomena? Therefore I will be updating this website with a new category called “scary illusions”. Just a warning though! If your one of those persons who hears sounds bumping in the night and sleeps with a light on, then this category probably should be skipped. Also children, please ask your parents to preview this category before they allow you to look at it…You have been warned 😉

This scary illusion is from a rare and mysterious photo taken back in 1920’s. A time when Photoshop was not common practice and I can assure you that it is not edited in any way or form. It is called the Face of Paris Optical Illusion. Can you see where it got its name from? Weird thing about this scary illusion is that some will see it instantly, while others really can’t figure it out. For me the first face was very obvious, but it took me some time to see the second face. Can you spot both? If you do then feel free to leave a hint in the comment section without spoiling it too much. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to share among your Facebook friends if you did. Also if you have any scary optical illusions you would like to share then just hit that “submit your illusion” button on top of the site. The best ones will get an honourable mention on the website and a cheesehelmet, which you can pop on your head and eat all day… ok I made that last part up 😛

The mysterious Face of Paris illusion.
Some say there are two faces hidden in the Face of Paris illusion. Can you find them both?