This apartment in Paris has stood still since WWII

Around World War II, Mrs. de Florian fled from her apartment in Paris. The rest of her life she neatly paid the rent, but never returned to the house. When she died at the age of 91, her heirs discovered the forgotten apartment. They entered a time portal back to the forties, because no one has been inside for seventy years! Between all the old dusty stuff they found a painting by the artist Giovanni Boldini, one of the most important painters of the Belle Epoque. The painting was later auctioned for 2.3 million euros. A beautiful, mysterious story. Just like the pictures below.







Source: The Telegraph


  1. back in the 40`s people didn`t throw everything away and buy new like today. think of the antiquities. she must of had things that were old then.

  2. No wonder she kept it hidden, family flogging the painting like that. I bet her body wasn’t even cold when they took it to auction…

  3. people of the old days does n’t bother about materials wealth when ever they have a mission going for most especially when its for betterment of humanity

  4. I just love these frozen in time places-there is a famous one in the UK, called Calke Abbey, which luckily was saved for the nation. Often these very wealthy individuals don’t throw stuff away, luckily for us. An auction a few years ago featured stuff from an old country house-the stuff in the attics fetched more than the rest of the house put together, a Nelson era Naval uniform, a rare Cameron photograph, and I bought a large old rocking horse covered in probably 100 yrs of dust-none of the items was sold for the estimated prices-all far exceeded their estimates, such is the romance and desirability of things so discovered. I hope the flat here was well documented before it was cleared for sale. One wonders how many more ”time capsules” exist at the present time…

  5. I have dreams of opening a door to rooms untouched for years and there it is! I am now interested in her story. Would like to know where to find out more if possible.

  6. Inspiration! That photo of the desk with the mirror reminds me of one of Ivan Albright’s paintings. Now I know what the next canvas I paint will (sort of) look like. And I will dedicate it to my Grandma.

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