Lets face it, dogs are hilarious and I think that just about ever one who has a dog has seen it have a funny moment. Scientists have come to agree that dogs are way funnier then cats and looking at dog pictures actually makes us feel happy, so you might want to start building that funny dog picture collection for you to pull out on a rainy and depressing day. But don’t take our word for it below we rounded-up a collection of some the most hilarious canine pictures from this side of the interweb. So let’s not waste anymore time and venture in the barking mad world of funny dogs and proceed with the evidence that dogs are so much funnier then cats.

Funny Dog Pictures!

funny dogs 0013



wtf picture

wtf 0003

funny dog pictures : http://www.funnydogsite.com/

large dog 002

funny canine007

funny canines 0003

funny canines 0004

funny dog pictures : http://www.funnydogsite.com/

funny canine 0008

funny dog pictures 0001

funny dog pictures 0002

funny dog pictures 0003

funny dog pics 0004

funny dog pictures 0005

funny dog pictures 0006

funny dog pictures 0007

funny dog pictures 0008

funny dog pics

funny dog 00010

funny dog 0011

funny dog 0012

funny dog 00016

funny dogs 000001 funny canines 0002

funny dogs 000012  funny dogs 0014

funny dogs 0015

funny dogs 0016

funny dogs 0017

jack-sparrow dog

funny dog  ugliest Dog

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