Here we have a collection of funny pics featuring people who are having way to much fun with statues. Enjoy, and remember you can add your own funny pictures to the list as well which, by the way, is easier then herding chickens. All you need to do is click here and you can submit as many pictures as you want. Ok, enough talk lets get started, shall we?!

Funny Pics

funny pics 0001

fun with statues 001

fun with statues 002

fun with statues 004

fun with statues 005

fun with statues 006

fun with statues 007

fun with statues 07

funny images 0009

funny images 0010

fun with statues 003

funny pics 0002

funny pics 0003

funny pics 0004

funny pics 0005

funny statues 012

funny pictures 0006

funny pictures 0007

funny pictures 0008

funny pictures 0011

funny pictures 0013

funny statues 0001 - The coolest pics on the net!

funny statues 0004

funny statues 0005

funny statues 0006

funny statues 007

funny statues 008

funny statues 009

funny statues 010

funny statues 011

funny statues 013

funny statues 014

I don’t know about you, but after going through all these pictures I can totally relate to the mime artist in the video below…

Posted by Ron Rombouts
Sources: Daily Haha, Cheezburger, Funnyjunk