The glowing cockroach is a weird insect hailing from South America
Does it remind you of a Jawa, or are you not Geek enough?

This glowing Cockroach is not something lifted straight from Star Wars nor is it a cgi animation for the latest Pixar movie, rather it’s a cockroach species that hails from South America.While it looks fairly commonplace under normal light, when placed under a fluorescent light however, the three conspicuous spots on its back light up brilliantly, giving the illusion of another… more dangerous insect.

This species of South American cockroach, Lucihormetica luckae utilizes bioluminescent bacteria to achieve their distinct glow. The dark brown spots of the carapace are inhabited by these microbes, and they give off light at the same wavelength as their cousins who live on a toxin-producing beetle that lives in the same environment. Some will see the resemblance with Eve from the Pixar movie Wall-E, but if you’re a Star Wars geek like me, then it looks a lot like one of the Jawa’s! Either way, this glowing cockroach looks fantastically bizarre!

Source: Discover Magazine