Library Designed As A Giant Bookshelf

I can’t believe it that was probably your first reaction when you saw this unique looking building. However as unbelievable as it may seem- this is a real building and not something that was fabricated in Photoshop.

The Kansas City Public Library in the state of Missouri, US has to be the most unusual and awesome looking library in the world! The building itself states its purpose: the facade creates the optical illusion of an enormous book shelf with giant copies of classics such as The Lord of The Rings, Romeo and Juliet and even Fahrenheit 451, a novel that was once banned from the public. Kansas residents picked out the facade novels themselves. The library is very impressive both in terms of its unique design but also due to its active role as the top city attraction: the library arranges daily film showings, game nights for teenagers, poetry sessions for kids and all kinds of events. Continue inside the article for more images of this amazing building and a video that takes a deeper look at this architectural gem.

The Kansas City Public Library will make you say, I can't believe it!

The Kansas City Public Library will make you say, I can’t believe it!


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