The attention to detail is this Latte Art is mindblowing
Latte art and how you can make them yourself
Cappuccino Art- almost a shame to drink these…

Cappuccino Art or what is also referred to as Latte Art, is the bizarre and magical practise of pouring a highly detailed, decorative design on a cappuccino. The artist who performs this delicious form of art is called a “Barista”. By using a special technique to poor the frothed milk into the cream of an espresso, these artists are able to create stunning patterns and shapes as you can see below.

This technique does require high quality equipment, ingredients and a keen attention to detail. However that doesn’t mean you can’t become a Barista yourself! Below you will find a tutorial on how you can create your own latte art. This is certainly no easy task and it requires practise before you master the latte art techniques. However by learning the basics you can quickly move to more complicated shapes and show of your creative side.

Well, let’s get started with some amazing examples of cappuccino Art to get you in the mood shall we?

The attention to detail in this true Latte Art masterpiece is mindblowing
Awww… so cute!
Batman Latte Art
Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!!!
coffee art that will blow your mind
Interesting fact about coffee. The term “Americano” comes from American GI’s during WWII. They would order espresso with water to dilute the strong taste.

Latte Art Pouring Technique

To pour a latte art figure, the structure of the milk is very important. shows the structure of the milk is important. After frothing the milk the foam has to be fluid enough to pour nicely. However the foam has to remain solid enough, to not dissolve as you pour it into the espresso.

The Milk Jug

For pouring Latte Art it’s best to work with different sizes of milk jugs. By pouring from one jug to another, you can keep the milk smoothly. This way you are able to create more detailed shapes in your cappuccino. The nozzle of the jug should be a little pointy and round, effectively making it your brush for creating your delicious masterpiece. Now follow these techniques to get a feeling for it.

  • Start high and pour gently.
  • Never interrupt the flow.
  • Tilt the can to make speed.

Also consider the distribution of the foam in the can: the thick foam should be on top, medium underneath that and on the bottom the thinnest foam. Remember, to become a proper Bartista you will have to learn by practice, practice and more practice. But to help you on your way, be sure to check out the video tutorial below from master Barista, William Gross.