Masako Mizutani the lady of eternal youth!
Masako Mizutani the lady of eternal youth!

Masako Mizutani is the mother of a 20-year-old daughter yet she looks like a teenager herself. Masako Mizutani has become a TV sensation overnight in Japan where she’s being referred to as ‘The Lady of Eternal Youth’. What is her beauty secret you might wonder? Does she use a magic elixir, is she a robot, alien… what is it? Keep reading to find out!

Masako Mizutani- Japan's lady of eternal youth
Masako Mizutani says: no smoking, drinking lots of water and a healthy balance are her secret. But since that explanation sounds way to simplistic for having eternal youth, we just go ahead and assume that there is also a magical elixer involved.
Masako Mizutani posing with her daughter
Masako Mizutani posing with her 20 year old daughter. One could easily mistake them for sisters.

As you can imagine Masako has become a true idol for middle-aged women and she often reveals more in-depth beauty tips on her blog. Unfortunately her blog is written in Japanese and is of little use to those of you who never took up those Japanese classes. Fortunately my friend translator-san was able to help me out and below you will find the translated beauty tips from the woman of eternal youth herself. I will update this page as soon as she reveals more groundbreaking beauty tips or, obviously, when she finally reveals the location of her secret fountain of youth.

Masako Mizutani: Japanese Lady of Eternal Youth

masako mizutani05

Masako Mizutani the 44 year old woman who looks like a teenager

Masako Mizutani still looks like a teenager with glasses

Masako Mizutani 0014

Masako Mizutani 0015

Masako Mizutani 0016

Masako Mizutani 0017

Masako Mizutani 0018

Masako Mizutani 0019

Masako Mizutani 0020

Masako Mizutani 0021

Some of these pictures were met with scepticism of our readers. It’s true that with all the Photoshopped pictures floating around on the Internet it is hard to tell what is real or not. Some say there is a difference between her appearance on pictures compared to what she looks like on TV. Personally I find it hard to tell, but even if this is true, she still looks incredibly youthful on TV as you can see in the video below.

Beauty Tips from Masako Mizutani

masako mizutani07


Keep both your body and mind fit

According to Masako it’s important to keep both the body and mind active to stay young. Meaning we should do regular workouts and continue to stimulate our brain as we grow older.

Eat healthy and in proportions


Fresh and healthy food is very important for a young skin and body. She eats 4 meals a day in small portions. Also, she drinks a lot of water, which is important for washing out the toxins and it keeps the skin free of problems such as black heads and white heads. Also smoking is obviously not done if you want to keep looking like a teenager.

Skin care


Eating the right food such as; fruits, milk, nuts and vegetables are the most important factor for feeding the skin. However a skin care routine is also key to keeping your skin younger as it protects you from outside influences such as: dust, dirt and pollution. As mentioned before, you should always apply vitamin E based cream or lotions all over the body to keep the skin soft. Also it’s important to never go out in the sun without sunscreen protection. Sun is the most damaging factor for our skin and can easily make you look older if you’re not careful. One should follow the cleaning and moisturizing routine every night before going to bed.

The right make-up


Good health is not everything and of course Masako also applies make-up techniques to give her that “forever young” look. Her biggest tip is to apply the right make up for your age. Too bright colors and shades don’t work out very well as you grow older. Instead apply light make-up and light shades.

Last but not least, play Pacman


You’re probably wondering what playing Pacman has to do with physical appearance? Well Masako apparantly is a huge fan of games that require fast reflexes and Pacman is her all time favorite. She says playing games like Pacman improves creativity, decision-making, perception and most importantly, keeps the mind active. Playing for hours on end is not recommended though, but a 30 minute session is a great way to stimulate the brain. That being said, we have added the all time classic below so you can start right away. See if you can beat my 23,000 High Score 😉

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  2. I am 54, I wish I’d stopped smoking along time ago, and better diet. I must say; She looks, and is Beautiful!! To say the least.. Congratulations to her, and her daughter. Bet her husband is sure proud; I would be.

  3. I would like to say that I would like to represent america as ‘Miss forever young” I am the same age as her, we were both born in 68.. I sure wouldnt mind competing with her. I get the same reaction about my looks from people, they just cant believe my age! I feel like i need a manager as i really dont know how to brand myself (so to speak) If anyones interested in helping me out pls email me annapalooza55 at gmail dot com Thank You 🙂