Microsoft planning to bring the Star Trek “Holodeck” into our living rooms!

Microsoft is planning to bring Star Trek Holodeck technology into our livingrooms.

Microsoft is planning to bring Star Trek Holodeck technology into our livingrooms.


Microsoft has just patented something that will give any Trekkie a nerdgasm! It is a design they are calling the “Immersive Display Experience” and it sound remarkably similair to the Holodeck- every Star Trek nerd (like me) have been dreaming about since childhood! [Read more…]

The official patent discription, which you can read in full here, says;

A data-holding subsystem holding instructions executable by a logic subsystem is provided. The instructions are configured to output a primary image to a primary display for display by the primary display, and output a peripheral image to an environmental display for projection by the environmental display on an environmental surface of a display environment so that the peripheral image appears as an extension of the primary image.

So what does that mean in plain english? The patent is for a device that projects the gaming enviroment directly on the walls. Obviously this would extend the gaming environment to the user’s vision to make a more immersive environment. Ok I am sold, forget the flying car. Just give us this!

Microsoft about to bring the Star Trek Holodeck into our livingroom!

I will never leave my gaming room again!


  1. Lovely. There are people in Japan who sit in front of their computers and die of thirst because they get lost for days in online role playing games. Really. So give them a real Star Trek type holodeck, and let’s see how many people die of thirst or starve to death as they “eat” virtual food and “drink” virtual water. For days on end.

    • Yes, the entire world must stop all progress because a couple idiots don’t know how to feed themselves and you of course aren’t an idiot…

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