Motorcycle Designs, like you never seen before

We have already featured the most unusual and bizarre looking motorcycle helmets in a previous post- but what good is a cool helmet without the bike to match it? Therefore we have collected our personal top 5 of motorcycle designs, which are on the edge of absurdity. Keep in mind this is our personal top 5 – but if you happen to have seen something even better- then be sure to contribute to this post by leaving a comment and adding your own picture.

Unique Motorcycle Designs, the Alien Bike

sigourney weaver would look bad ass on this one!

Unique Motorcycle Designs, Horse Bike

This guys takes “horsepower” a bit to literal (source)

Unique Motorcycle Designs

The owner has to be a carpenter…

Unique Motorcycle Designs

If the Devil was into motorcycles- then this is what he would be driving!

Unique Motorcycle Designs

Two symbols of the United States, the burger and Harley Davidson unite into a bizarre looking and most likely smelling combination.


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