I Knew I Should Have Brought a Bigger Boat…

Most people will probably look at this and go “FAKE”!! You can’t really blame them, when you got a picture that looks as bizarre and frightening as this one. I mean how did a guy in a flippin Kayak get so far in sea and how can anyone take such a pretty picture when their friend is about to become dinner for this monster shark? It just makes no sense and therefore it has to be a Photoshop, right?! Wrong… this photograph was taken by Thomas P. Peschak a contributing photographer to National Geographic Magazine.  If you want to true story behind this amazing picture then keep reading…

Kayaking with Great White Sharks

The photograph is real, no photoshop, no digital manipulation, no nothing.
In 2003 Thomas and white shark biologist Michael Scholl discovered large numbers of great white sharks in extremely shallow water near the southernmost tip of South Africa. They initiated a research project but all of their initial attempts were thwarted because the sharks were repelled by their boat’s engine, disrupting their natural behaviour.

Since both had been sea kayaking for quite a number of years, they could not think of a better, vessel from which to track white sharks from. It must have been one hell of a feeling, the first time when they were sitting in a yellow plastic kayak and a humongous great white shark was heading their way. However white sharks, despite their bad reputation are much more cautious in nature than one would expect and according to Thomas, they didn’t show any aggression towards their little yum yum yellow craft.

Pretty amazing huh? Tell me honesty, were you also on of the many who thought this was a fake? Feel free to leave a comment below.