Perfectly Timed Pics – the animals edition!

perfectly timed pics featuring animals

Bwahahahah you iz just 2 funny!

Sometimes taking a picture at just the right time can create some very interesting results. In most occasions, such pictures are taken by total accident and that is what makes them extra entertaining. A while ago we already did a post about Perfectly Timed Pics. We got a lot of positive feedback from it and even a chocolate fudge cake from one of our most hardcore fans (thanks… mom).

Anyway, due to popular demand we have decided to do a sequel. Of course we like to keep things interesting at BizarBin and we just went ahead and assumed that you’d like animals. The result… a list of the most epic, perfectly timed photos starring cute – and also some not so cute- animals! I hope you enjoy this collection and remember that you are free to make your own entries to the list as well. All you need to do, is leave a comment below and add your picture to your comment. Ok, enough talk, let’s get started shall we?!


The Mummycab

Girafe vs plane


perfect timing animal images

Like a sir…

perfect timing images

I can’t watch this!

perfectly timed pics featuring animals

Let me introduce the iron fist technique to your face!

perfect timed photos of weird animals

Hmm so who is winning?!

perfectly timed pics

That lucky son of a …

perfect timed photos featuring animals

 Shut it!

Funny perfect timed photos with animals

*sigh* Can’t you go scale a mountain or something?

Just Chillin…

perfect timed photos with animals


perfectly timed photos featuring animals

High Five Brah!

pictures taken at just the right moment

You just had to do that, didn’t you!

perfectly timed pics featuring animals

perfectly timed photos featuring animals

Owl caught on camera in mid-flight!

pictures taken at just the right time!

Collision at Sea

Perfectly timed pictures featuring animals

Perfectly times pictures

Sup? Put your underwater brofist right there brah!

Perfectly timed photos animals

Do the Gangnam Style!

Perfectly timed photos with animals

Mom! Dad isn’t letting me play with the DS!

Ladybug Landing With Style! 

perfectly timed photos featuring animals

Either the best- or the worst timing in the world!

perfectly timed animal pictures

Don’t let go!

perfectly timed animal pictures

perfect timing 0987

perfectly timed animals

perfectly timed animal photo 0034

Is it me, or does it look like a caterpillar? 

perfectly timed animal photos 0045

perfectly timed animal shots

pegasus perfect timing

perfectly timed animals photo

perfectly-timed photos animals

fuck you gorilla


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