The Most Insanely Located Airport in the World!

It is hard to be impressed by anything you see on the interweb, when you know that any teenager with a pirated copy of Photoshop can mash together a fake picture in minutes.¬†Unfortunately this means the web is flooded with mind-blowing, yet real pictures which the masses have written off as “fakes”. One could say these pictures were to jaw-dropping for their own good. That is why we have decided to show you a collection of these photo’s and prove that they are in fact the real deal. Below you will find our first example, which just looks to bizarre to even consider to be real or does it? Well keep reading to learn the surprising truth!

Can you believe this is actually a real picture?

It looks so fake , this isn’t a Photoshop….it’s a freaking MSPaint…

This apparent disaster-waiting-to-happen is on the Island of St. Maarten. The airport has a particularly short runway that ends just 40 feet from beach, leaving large planes just barely enough room to land. So they have to come in low, directly over the beach, making it a prime destination for an afternoon of quiet, relaxing sunbathing.

So tell me honestly- did you think the picture was fake as well? Well feel free to comment about it. Also be sure to check out this other amazing picture, which people have also been calling a fake for years!


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