If Batman Were on Drugs…

No, it’s not a time-lapse photo and it’s not a bad Photoshop either. Right there is exactly what people saw hanging in the sky one December evening in Norway. Can you imagine looking out of your window and seeing that thing in the sky?! You’d assume we were all about to get sucked into another dimension!¬†This bizarre picture has been circulating the internet for years and I bet very few people even considered it to be the real deal. However again we collected the prove to debunk this “it-must-be-Photoshop” rumour.

Yup, that is something you don’t see every day…

The Norwegian Meteorologicl institute was flooded with calls of people who were convinced the aliens were coming!

A Bulava missile fired from a submarine

What we are looking at is actually a vapor trail from a failed “Bulava missile” launched from a Russian submarine. When they go wrong, they tend to spin around and the fuel trails is what created this bizarre optical illusion. Russia initially denied the missile launch, but that was probably because of well placed shame. The Bulava missile, despite being crucial to Russia’s plans to revamp its weaponry, is becoming an embarrassment after nine failed launches in 13 tests.

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