The most awe-inspiring 3D Street Art from around the world

There are few things less inspiring than a drap- and grey sidewalk. That is why most of us look up when we are walking the street. That and to avoid slamming our face into a lamp-post of course. Thank god there is such a thing as “sidewalk art” or what is also referred to as 3D Street Art. This amazing art form can transform any run-down building or boring looking pavement into a place of magic and wonders.

Here you will find a collection of the best sidewalk art gathered from around the world, and we will be updating the list with new amazing street art on a regular basis.

3D Street Art

Compilation of some of the best 3D Street Art paintings from all over the world.


amazing 3d Street the Sprite waterfall

Fall And You Will Gain 50 Pounds! Unless that is Sprite Light of course… This amazing work of 3D street Art was created by 3D Joe and Max

3d street art by Joe Hill

3d Street Art by Joe Hill

Cup of Coffee by Manfred Stader

cup of coffee street art


The Ninja Turtles emerge in London’s Southbank to mark their return to television.

ninja turtles street art


Some guy seems close to plummeting to his death in this amazing “Batman Rising” 3D Street Art Painting. Does anyone care? Hell no, put on some shoes… dude!

10 Of the most amazing pieces of sidewalk art gathered from around the world!

This chalk art masterpiece was created by Julian Beever (No, not Justin Beeber!)


There is something very sinister about this one!

Some of the best sidewalk art, that will blow your mind


Winner of the: Transform Your Street Into Mordor, contest…

10 of the best pieces of sidewalk art gathered from around the world


So real, it looks like the kid got sea sick!

10 Of the best pieces of sidewalk art from around the world


I bet this wonderful piece of street art would have lured in an even bigger crowd if it featured a Unicorn and a bikini!

10 Of the best pieces of sidewalk art from around the world!


Being a stunt double has never been safer…

10 Of the best pieces of sidewalk art found in the world


The famous Lego Terracotta army!


Not sure if feeding it pills, is such a good idea…

10 of the best pieces of sidewalk art in the world


Just imagine stumbling onto this view after a beer night!

10 Of the best pieces on chalk art from around the world.



A medical team was on the scene just long enough to make fools out of themselves…

11 of the best sidewalk art paintings in the world

This amazing piece of sidewalk art was created by Eduardo Relero


This street painting automatically makes it the coolest shopping mall ever!

12 of the most amazing pieces of sidewalk art


amazing sidewalk art from Arndt Nikolaj

Amazing Sidewalk art by Arndt Nikolai

3D Street Art painted in living room

Street Art, or the ultimate in burglar security?

3d anamorphic

Wonderful 3D Anamorphic Painting by Leon Keer

Polar Bear Sidewalk art

Warning! Don’t feed the cute looking Polar Bear

sidewalk art 011212

Watch your step!

sidewalk art 0021217


sidewalk art 343223

sidewalk art 22121

I got you a puppy!

sidewalk art221


Remember you can contribute your own Sidewalk art pictures as well. All you have to do is click on the “insert image” in the comment box. The best ones will be featured on the website!


  1. Wow, especially the girl looks extremely realistic. I think I’d have to touch her to believe it’s only a picture … 😉

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