The First Self-Learning Smart Phone Robot

Romo is a device that turns you Smart Phone into an adorable looking and self-learning robot. Because Romo leverages the power of a smartphone’s processors and sensors, he is affordable, able to adapt and a fast learner. The cool thing about Romo is that it isn’t just some remote-controlled gimmick. Instead it shows behaviour which changes when the blue-faced robot learns new tricks. In theory you can make Romo do whatever you want it to, provided you can write Smart Phone Apps. If you can’t- then no worries. Romo’s “Brain” is open source and people are constantly developing and uploading new behaviour patterns .

Turn your Smartphone into a robot with Romo

The friendly looking blue-faced robot can have some drastic mood-swings as demonstrated in the video below!

turns your smartphone into a robot

The little guy going for a  Autumn stroll

So far folks have created apps that let Romo become a spybot, emote with animated faces on the Smart Phone Screen, and make him dance! Obviously it’s only a matter of time before someone writes an app that turns him into a weapon. What? Haven’t you seen any sci-fi movies?!


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