Residents of Barra Funda, Anderson Augusto known as SÃO, and Leonardo Delafuente known as Delafuente, began their project with the intention of change and transformation of everyday life. Their goal is to modify the environment by painting: storm drains, lampposts, manhole covers and any other object that builds the urban setting of the streets of Brazil. Their amazing works are like drops of joy in a city tense, confused and overwhelmed with colours of gray and beige, bringing life and humor to all.

street art sponge bob

cards street art

genius street art

octopus street art

oreo street art

pavement art

sidewalk art

ski street art

street art clown

street art mario

waffer street painting




Source: 6emeia


  1. Wow, das ist doch mal ein Start ins Jahr. Habe das letzte mal zwar ausgelassen, weil Sangiovese not my cup of tea ist, aber hier bin ich definitiv dabei. Den SB 500 wollte ich eh mal testen. Gepaart mit den beiden anderen Granaten wird das richtig rocken am 19. Februar. Termin ist fest vorgemerkt.