Awesome Super Mario Fan-Art: A tribute To The Most Famous Game Character in Video Game History

Mario is not just a gaming character, the iconic plummer is the most famous character in video gaming history, period. But his popularity isn’t just bound to video games: There are many references to Mario in modern pop culture and the mustached hero has also been the inspiration for many artists over the years. Here we have cooked up a selection of the most awesome Mario themed art for your enjoyment. I hope you like and if you have stumbled upon anything Mario related that you’d like to share, then be sure to send it along to be added to the list.

Super Mario

Lets start with some incredible (fan-made) Mario Concept art!

Giant mario 1-10

mario 2-10

concept art 2-10

mario render 3-10

super mario 5-10

super mario 6-10

super mario 7-10

super mario 8-10

mario art

mario fan art 2

mario fan art 3

mario fan art

retro super mario

steampunk mario

super mario 9-10

super mario art

mario 10



Mario Street-Art

Mario Street Art 3-10

super_mario_street_art 1-10

super_mario-street-art 2-10

3d Mario Chalk Art

Mario Body Art

super mario tattoo 1-10

super mario tattoo 3-10

super mario tattoo 4-10

super mario tattoo 5-10

mario nail art

mario body art

super mario tattoo 2-10

Mario Interior Design

mario room 3-5

mario room 2-5


super mario room 1-5

super mario room

Mario Sculptures

mario sculpture

Horrifyingly realistic looking Piranha Plant

paper mario

Paper Mario

super mario cans

Sculpture made from soda cans

super mario sculpture 6-10

The anatomy of Mario

super mario wedding cake

Mario wedding cake

luigi ice scuplture

Luigi ice sculpture

mario sand sculpture

sand sculture

You know Mario. Everyone knows Mario, but did you also know that the iconic Nintendo Mascot was once known by another name?

Ossan was the original name of Nintendo’s famous mascot during the early days of the Famicom, the Japanese equivalent to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The nickname Ossan means “middle-aged guy,” the internal name of Mario before he was known as Mr Video. Shigeru Miyamoto, originally designed Mario while developing Donkey Kong and named him “Mr. video”.

Original Mario

Ossan, the original Mario

The story goes that during localisation of Donkey Kong for North America, Nintendo of America’s warehouse landlord Mario Segale confronted the then-president of Nintendo America, Minoru Arakawa, demanding back rent. Following a heated argument, the Nintendo employees eventually convinced Segale he would be paid, and opted to name the character in the game Mario after him.

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