biggest goldfish

This super-sized “Goldfish” is considered to be one of the largest of its kind ever captured. Raphael Biagini spent 6 years hunting for the legendary “Giant Goldfish” in the south of France and it took him another 10 minutes to get this behemoth Orange Koi Carp out of the water. The only problem with this bizarre catch is finding a toilet big enough to flush it down when it dies…

The biggest goldfish ever caught

Da..Da..Da..Da..DADADADADA (that was my best Jaws imitation, I know I let some of you down but I tried!)

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The Largest True Goldfish Ever Caught

The largest true goldfish on record was measured at 5lbs (2.27 kilograms) and was caught by a 16 year old schoolboy in the UK. This blown-up goldfish was evidently a pet before it ended up into a lake. The “fish catcher”, nick, 16 says: “From all the angling groups I have contacted there seems to be no record for this specific type of gold goldfish as it is an ornamental fish. “It isn’t native to UK waters and is not a coarse fish, but as a goldfish it certainly is a very, very big one!”

largest goldfish

The actual biggest goldfish ever caught source