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The Legend of Giants by Natalia Rak

Thank God for graffiti! I mean what is more depressing than a grey, drab, boring looking sidewalk or concrete wall … right? Graffiti itself has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. And before you go assuming that the ancient Romans only vandalized with the most brilliant bons mots, think again. Those Romans fellows, it seems, were foul-mouthed, hyper-sexual, and frequently prone to ridiculously immature humor. If you’re up for a laugh then I suggest you read some of the translations that were dug up by the excavators.

Nowadays, however, graffiti is considered a crime in most countries. Fortunately, there are plenty of bold artists out there who consider the world to be their canvas and still use this art-form to express themselves, usually with a underlying social or political message. More often then not in just simple written words, but in some cases; with elaborate wall paintings that can leave you in awe. Below you will find 40 graffiti examples where this urban art-form is taken to a whole new level. They manage to turn the concrete jungle into a place of magic and wonders. I hope you enjoy them and remember that you can also add your own pictures to the list. Doing so is as easy as herding chickens. Just click the submit button on top of this site. Ok, let’s not drag this out any longer, shall we? Enjoy this collection of some of the finest graffiti art gathered from around the world!

Graffiti Gallery

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Graffiti by Dasic FernándeZ in Newburgh, New York, USA

graffiti 0004

MOONSHINE by Etam Cru in Richmond, VA, United States


Yuppie Prank by Urben


”Respect is a rare bird in the world” in Luxembourg by L7M


Street Art comes in many shapes and sizes. By David Zinn in Michigan, USA


“No brushes or stencils, just spray” By David Walker 


Incredible mural in Fort De France, Martinique by Nuxuno Xän


Amazing Work by Oakoak


Creative Street Art in Leipzig, Germany by unknown artist


Colored Rain in Stockholm, Sweden by Christopher Wiedman


Incredible graffiti art in Paris, France by Seth

batman graffiti

”I guess we all saw this coming” in Paris, France by MemeIRL


Lovin this one! by MemeIRL

come to the dark slide

Come to the Dark Slide by Blouh

how u doing

How you doin’?

Obviously, this list would not be complete without Bansky, no doubt the world’s most famous graffiti artist, whose true identity still remains a mystery. His artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. His art is worth a lot of money but Banksy doesn’t sell his street graffiti directly himself; however, art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder.


Graffiti is a crime in New York, USA. By Banksy


Concrete Confessional by Banksy

Besides graffiti, Banksy also builds physical prop pieces to address social issues. Take the project below for example, called “the Sirens of the Lambs”. In it, a slaughterhouse truck has hit the meatpacking district in New York carrying a cargo of squealing and crying plush animals.

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