If you are thinking about getting (another) tattoo then below you will find a collection of tattoo ideas that, although not to everyone’s taste, sure are different. In the past, a tattoo had to be as realistic as possible. Hearts, skulls and naked women were very popular with the predominantly male clientele. However, times change. Tattoos have penetrated the mainstream and are no longer public domain of bikers and salty sea dogs. The result is that the art of tattooing has come a long way and thanks to creative people, especially graphic designers and street artists, tattoos are being revived and re-imagined all the time. Below we have rounded up a collection of unique tattoo ideas that you might not have seen before. These new designs are possible due to the development of advanced tattoo machines, making much finer drawings possible. I hope you like them and don’t forget to drop a comment below to let us know which one you like the most.

Tattoo ideas

These sorts of tattoo designs are currently skyrocketing in popularity. The designer chooses graphics, such as geometric shapes and straight lines, but also fully anarchist experiments in the style of children’s drawings.

tattoo ideas 0001

tattoo ideas 0002

tattoo ideas 0009

original tattoo 0003

original tattoo 003

unique tattoos

tattoo ideas 0004

original tattoo 004

tattoo ideas 0005

different tattoos 005

original tattoo 0006

unique tattoo 006

tattoo ideas 007

3d tattoo 0008

original tattoo 002

original tattoo 008

unique tattoo 009

unique tattoo 0010

original tattoo 010

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original tattoo 0012

original tattoo 001

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3d tattoo 014

cartoon tattoo 015

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