Weird Cloud Formations You Won’t Believe Are Real!

Weird Clouds

God showing his Kung Fu Skills in this odd looking cloud…

Who hasn’t gazed at weird clouds for hours on end- while seeing all kinds of interesting shapes? Like that cheesehelmet-wearing-Eel, piloting a RC Hovercraft- I spotted yesterday… Ok so maybe that was just my overactive imagination- but fact remains… clouds are fantastic to look at.

Here I have gathered my personal list of strange clouds ever to be caught on camera. Some will make flowers pour out of your underpants, while other are downright frightening. Either case… I hope you like them, and may these weird clouds remind you to look up sometimes. Also don’t forget you can add your own pictures to the list by clicking the “submit pictures” button in the comments section!

1. King of Weird Clouds, The Anvil Cloud

Anvil clouds, which are mostly composed of ice particles, form in the upper parts of thunderstorms. They get their anvil shape from the fact that the rising air in thunderstorms expands and spreads out as the air bumps up against the bottom of the stratosphere. This is because the air in the stratosphere is warmer than the rising air in the anvil, and so prevents the relatively cooler anvil air from rising any farther.

Weird Clouds

The Awe of Mother Nature VS Jumbo Jet

strange clouds

If I would wake up to this view, I would be running to the nearest nuclear bunker, and not come out for at least another 20 years!


2. Mammatus Clouds- aka Angel Butt Clouds

Mammatus clouds tend to form under the anvils of cumulonimbus clouds. As you can see they look quite extraordinary!

odd clouds

Yup… that looks pretty freaking bizarre!

weird clouds

Angels mooning us?


3. Hat Clouds – Gods way of messing with UFO spotters

Calm down people and take off those tin-foil hats! This is not a real life UFO trapped in a intergalactic space battle (notice the laser beam on the right!) but in fact a “Hat Cloud”. This category of weird clouds are extremely rare and can appear after a typhoon swept through the region. The sunlight bouncing of this one sure gives it an added extra terrestrial effect though.

weird clouds

These clouds would make any UFO spotter go into a frenzy!

strange clouds

On June 2012 a this super rare hat-cloud appeared near Mount Fuji


4. Morning Glory Clouds – Does God have a cocaine problem?

These are some weird ass clouds known as Morning Glory Clouds. They can expand over 600 miles and move at up to 35 kilometres an hour, causing some serious problems for aircrafts. It is still unclear what creates this bizarre phenomenon – although some have concluded that God may have a cocaine problem.

Some of the weirdest clouds caught on film

If God had a Cocaine problem…


5. Jacques Cousteau Clouds – Vortex portal to planet Xiiqriib!

Ok that last bit wasn’t really true… These clouds are nicknamed Jacques Cousteau Clouds after the legendary explorer and Oceanographer. On a sidenote… how cool must it be to have a cloud named after you?! Anyway, the official name of this strange cloud formation is “undulatus asperatus” which roughly translated means: “very turbulent, violent and chaotic.” According to, the roman poet Virgil used the word asperatus “in a poem to describe the surface of the sea whipped up by the north wind”.

Weird clouds

Another forrest being sucked into the vortex…


6. Angel Clouds

Ok these are not really clouds- but it’s not a Photoshop either. This weird looking cloud- or to be more precise- smoke formation was left behind from the airplane’s flares.

strange cloud formation

In some twisted way- that looks kinda cute…


7. Polar Stratospheric Clouds

These wonderful and weird looking clouds are unique to the polar regions and form at minus 77 °C or lower tempertures. Due to their high altitude and the curvature of the surface of the Earth, these clouds will receive sunlight from below the horizon and reflect it to the ground- and the result is this spectacular light show. Unfortunately these beautiful clouds are also responsible in the formation of ozone holes. They support chemical reactions that produce active chlorine- which creates the holes.

Very weird cloud formations

God’s Light Show

strange cloud


8. Kelvin-Helmholz Wave Clouds

These weird clouds that look like a row of crashing waves are known as Kelvin-Helmholz waves. They form when two layers of air or liquid of different densities move past each other at different speeds, creating shearing at the boundary. When these two layers move past each other, a Kelvin-Helmholz instability is formed that is sort of like a wave. Parts of the boundary move up and parts move down. Because one layer is moving faster than the other, the shear causes the tops of the waves to move horizontally, forming what looks like an ocean wave crashing on the beach.

weird clouds

Surf’s Up Dude!!!


9. Giant Pig-Beast-Cloud

Ok.. ok that is not a real name- nor is it a actual cloud category! This odd cloud formation is obviously created by the factory fumes. It sure looks creepy though…

About to duke it out with Godzilla…


10. Lenticulair Clouds: “Screw you God…screw you!!!” Jamie Maussan- UFO Spotter

Lenticular clouds are simply one more example on how frustrating it must be to be a UFO spotter… As you can imagine, these lens-shaped clouds are often mistaken for UFO’s.

Alien Mothership is about to land…


Do you think we committed a crime against humanity by leaving out some of the most epic and bizarre Cloud Formations? Then just go ahead and add them yourself. The best ones will be added to the list. You can do so in the comment section by clicking the “Upload image” button!


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