The amazing Wat Samphran temple in Bangkok, Thailand

The Wat Samphran temple in Bangkok, Thailand

The Amazing Wat Samphran sure is a sight to behold


At first sight this Wat Samphran temple looks like a highly commercial attraction you would expect to see in Disneyland. However nothing is further from the truth as this unique temple named Wat Samphran, is actually far off the beaten tourist path and is often excluded from tourist guides. This unique temple is unlike any temple you will find in Thailand. The building is about 17 stories tall, with a giant dragon spiraling to the top. It’s grounds include many sculptures of other beasts and a giant buddha made of bronze.

Visitors have commented that there are several hidden treasures upstairs and downstairs within the temple so if you ever manage to visit the place, explore, explore, explore! The entrance to Wat Samphran is small, so look for a sign that says Police Academy, and you will find the temple halfway down the road to your right. Be sure to check out the other photo’s of this amazing “hidden gem” inside the post.

Once inside you will find many amazing animal statues, including a giant Turtle and this awe-inspiring bronzen Buddha. If you ever plan a trip to the Wat Samphran temple, then be sure to explore thoroughly as this isn’t a typical tourist destination. Maintenance is said to be lacking and while the monks are very welcoming, some parts of the temple are not open to the public.

Bronze Budha in the garden of the Wat Samphran temple, Bangkok.

I hope you enjoyed it and it you ever manage to visit the wonderful Wat Samphran temple then be sure to share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. This could only be made cooler if they reveal that the dragon is also a massive water slide. Full of booze, instead of water.

  2. Visited the temple during my visit to Bangkok last month. We were welcomed and brought around by a very friendly nun. We spent almost 2 hours there and all I can say is it’s truly a hidden gems although we were not recommend to go there by local people.

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