No, that is not a tailor-made garbage can for midget's - it's a freaking Giant Coconut Crab!

If you look at certain weird creatures from the animal kingdom it seems nature has a limitless amount of imagination and creativity. What she comes up with can be so insanely odd, you’d only expect to see such lifeforms in the Mos Eisley Cantina on planet Tatooine. Here we have gathered a collection of such bizarre animals which seem to have abandoned all normal stages of evolution to achieve pure bizareness. Creatures like:

 The Wolftrap Anglerfish

weird creatures - The Wolftrap Angler Fish
These weird creatures will haunt your dreams for months to come!

Sometimes a creative photographer can capture an image is such a way that it is hard to see what is going on. However you’ll find that all pictures from this Wolftrap Anglerfish have the same problem. The fact that it has a flipping fishing pole attached to its head is probably the number one reason. Another distinctive feature is the enormous upper jaw with premaxillaries that can be folded down to enclose the much shorter lower jaw. If that sounds confusing, then all you really need to know is that it’s ugly and extremely frightening looking.

bizarre animal - Wolftrap Angler Fish
I’m surprised nobody made a B Movie about his gigantic prehistoric ancestor yet…


Camel Spiders

Here it seems as if nature decided to take everything about bugs that creeps us out and roll it into one, hiding-under-you-blanket, horror masterpiece. These camel spiders are not an actual spider yet it is part of Arachnida. It is a member of the order Solifugae and is also known as a Wind scorpion, Sun scorpion, and Sun spider. There are a lot of myths surrounding these frightening creatures such as; Camel spiders have been said to run at speeds up to 30 MPH. They have been known for screaming or screeching while they run. Camel spiders hunt humans, using a venom that numbs them and then they gnaw on their flesh while they are unaware or sleeping. Camel spiders can jump all the way up to three feet high. They are called Camel spiders because they have been known to eat the insides of Camels in the desert. Camel spider bites are venomous and deadly. Camel spiders can get as large as a frisbee in total body size.

weird creature - the camel spider
If the myths are all true, who knows. But if someone told me a bite from the Camel Spider would make the heads explode of 12 elephants, I would believe it based on this picture alone.


Mata Mata Turtle

What looks like the result of some horrid radiation experiment is actually the Mata Mata Turtle. The hideous exterior actually serves a purpose as it camouflages the turtle from its prey. Fortunately we humans aren’t on his menu but I still wouldn’t tease this 40 pounds turtle with my finger. All in all, this was an easy addition to the list of weird creatures.

Weird creatures - the Mata Mata turtle

Cyclops Shark

No that is not a Monster Inc hand puppet, it’s a 22 inch long cyclops shark. The bizarre, but functioning eyeball is the result of a condition called cyclopia, which can also occur on humans. Scientists have documented cyclops shark embryos a few times before, but the fact that none have been caught outside the womb suggests cyclops sharks don’t survive long in the wild. The Cyclops shark is considered to be one of the weirdest creatures found in 2011. All right, now we need to get something fussy on this list, ASAP.

The Cyclops from Pixar's Monster Inc

Aye Aye

Even though it’s fussy, this odd creature still looks like something you would expect to be lurking in children’s bedroom, waiting for the right opportunity to steal their dreams. This strung-out looking creature hailing out of Madagascar is called a Aye Aye lemur. For centuries the natives of Madagascar has stapled them as unholy terror and believe these weird creatures spell out a deadly curse once they point their insanely creepy fingers at you. Turns out that the only way to lift this curse is to kill these poor creatures on sight. The locals have been so fanatic as this, that the Aye Aye is now an endangered species.

weird animal - the Aye Aye lemur
The Aye Aye sure looks like a rat on Crytal Meth


The Flaming Tongue Snail

Ok time to give you a little breather with a creature that isn’t going to haunt your dreams. This flamingo tongue snail, is one of the prettiest creatures on this list. This snail was discovered in the British West Indies and is one of thousands of new species uncovered as part of the first Census of Marine Life.


Frilled Shark

Ok now we are back to voracious things with tentacles and razor-sharp teeth! Its name alone conjures up visions of a shark from a Disney movie a fun little animal that wags its fin like Pluto wags its tail. Well, perhaps that assessment isn’t too far off. The frilled shark is not your typical shark, judging by looks alone. It closely resembles an eel, so much so that it’s mistaken for an eel quite often, and the only real distinguishing features are its signature six gills (6 gills is like a “Hell’s Angel” tattoo for sea creatures).

Weird animal the Frill Shark
This Frilled Shark has to be one of the weirdest creatures on the planet.

One more weird thing about this odd shark species: they came back from the dead. Well, kinda … these prehistoric sharks were long thought to be extinct. It wasn’t until 2007 that someone witnessed a real live frilled shark wash up on the shore.


Pinocchio Frog

This Pinocchio-like tree frog species was discovered by fortunate accident when it ventured into a Foja Mountains camp kitchen and perched on a bag of rice, where herpetologist Paul Oliver of Australia’s University of Adelaide spotted it. Oliver was unable to find another of these frogs, and suspects that they stay mostly in the treetops. The male frog’s nose, the scientists were surprised to discover, points upward when the animal’s calling and hangs flaccid when it’s not. Exactly what it is for, no one really knows for sure yet. What is for sure though, is that this one of the weird creatures we would gladly put on our list! (Link)

bizarre animal - pinocchio frog

the pinocchio frog

Yoda Bat

Ok this odd-looking bat species is not really named after the pint-sized Jedi Master. It’s called the nyctimene tube-nosed fruit bat, but of course that doesn’t have the same ring to it as the Yoda bat so we will just stick to that, thank you very much. The bat was found in a remote rainforest of Papua New Guinea along with more than 200 new animals species found in this rugged and unexplored location. (Link)


Glass Winged Butterfly

I said it before and I will say it again, Butterflies are freaking scary!! Still even though there are few things less frightening to me then an oversized butterfly staring at me while sitting on the toilet, I have to admit that this one looks very pretty. The Glass Winged butterfly can be found abundantly in Mexico and Panama and have the unique characteristics of transparent wings.  Its Spanish name is “espejitos,” which means “little mirrors;” however, scientists have confirmed its wings to be transparent-glass instead of mirrors.  The only function of these wings is to provide camouflage against predators and to look cool while doing so.  

Weird insect the Glaswing Butterfly

Bonus: the Baby Dragon



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  1. Oh geez… Where the hell do you get your facts? Almost everything you said about the camel spiders are untrue, they are NOT deadly to humans, they do NOT feed on the insides of camels, they do NOT jump 3 feet into the air and so forth. DO some research before jumping on the wagon of myths.