Some of the pictures in this post cannot be unseen. So make sure you took notice of the NSFW in the title. Still here? Well then go ahead and check out these fascinating and bizarre cases of people that are born with extra body parts.

1. The Woman Who Was Born With 2 Vaginas

Hazel Jones always wondered why she suffered from terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty. However, it wasn’t until she turned 18 that she was given her astonishing diagnosis; she has two vaginas.

The blonde 27-year-old woman from High Wycombe has the million-in-one condition called uterus didelphys, which means that she has two separate uteruses and cervixes.

Hazel went to the doctor after her long-term boyfriend told her that she was “different” in the genital area. Hazel says that she is comfortable with having the condition, despite the fact that she had to lose her virginity twice, essentially. (Source)

Woman 2 vaginas

2. The Man Who Has Two Penises

A man with two functioning penises took questions on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” and it was unlike any other Q&A you’re likely to read, amassing more than 15,000 comments. The man, who calls himself “DoubleDickDude” (DDD), was born with diphallia, a rare congenital condition that causes him to have two sex organs. There are reportedly around 100 cases of Diphallia worldwide.

man with 2 penises

Both penises are in the 6-inch range, but DDD says that one can get as large as 7 inches if he’s really aroused. DDD also helpfully provided evidence in the form of this picture. (Source)

2 penis man

3. The Boy Who was Born with an Extra Strand of DNA

A two-year-old boy has become the only person in the world to be diagnosed with an extra strand in his DNA. Brave Alfie Clamp was born blind and with severe disabilities, which led doctors to conduct various tests.

They revealed that his seventh chromosome has an extra strand of material which has never been documented anywhere in the world before.

Doctors are baffled at his condition, which is so rare that it does not have a name. They also have no idea whether his condition will improve or reduce his life expectancy. His parents, Gemma and Richard Clamp, only discovered something was wrong with their son after they first took him home. Within days, he was rushed back to the hospital after he stopped breathing and his lips turned blue. Then when he was six weeks old, doctors discovered that he had a rare abnormality in his DNA. (Source)


4. The Indian Boy Who was Born with Extra Limbs on His Chest

In 2010, this Indian boy, who was born with eight limbs and venerated as a god, underwent an operation to give him a chance at a normal life. 7 Year-old Deepak Paswan was born with a parasitic twin conjoined to his abdomen, giving him four legs and four arms but one head. Hindu pilgrims visited his home in the northern state of Bihar to worship him as an incarnation of the god Vishnu, who is often depicted with numerous limbs.
Deepak’s family, uncomfortable with the attention, appealed for help to pay for an operation to have the extra limbs removed and a hospital in the southern city of Bangalore offered to do the procedure for free. The pioneering surgery would normally cost around £50,000, a sum that his impoverished family could never have dreamed of affording. Happily, the grueling four-hour operation was a complete success. (Source 1 | Source 2)


5. The Baby Who Has Two Faces

14-Month-Old Kangkang was born with a deformity called transverse facial cleft, which gives him the appearance of having two faces, or looking like he is wearing a mask.

Hailing from the Hunan province, all signs pointed to a normal, healthy baby for young Yi Xilian, but once Kangkang was born, the truth was revealed. The poor child looks like he’s literally wearing a mask, due in part to a massive cleft that extends almost all the way up to his ears. Unable to see her son upon birth, the unfortunate mother, who is employed at a company that manufactures electronics in the Guangdong Province, pleaded and pleaded with her husband to see the newborn. After finally being handed the child, she broke down into tears. No one knows what causes this unfortunate condition, and it is incredibly expensive to treat, as Yi learned when she took Kangkang to a hospital in Changsha when he was 20 days old. The final tally was around 300-400,000 Yen, or approximately 80,000 to 100,000 dollars.

Thankfully, there is a happy ending, as Kangkang’s family has managed to gather together enough money for treatment at the People’s Liberation Army’s Military No. 163 Hospital.(Source)

baby with 2 faces

6. The Man with Two Hearts Who Survived a Double Heart Attack

At first there didn’t seem to be anything unusual about the man who, in 2010, reported to a Verona, Italy emergency room. He was short of breath, sweating, and had low blood pressure – cardiovascular trouble, no doubt. E.R. doctors see similar symptoms all the time. Doctors thought they had a typical case of cardiac arrest until they examined the patient more closely and noticed his unusual medical condition. It turns out that the man actually wasn’t born with two hearts. His second heart arrived after an earlier medical procedure on his original heart.

The procedure, a heterotopic transplant, is done to pair a new, healthy organ with a diseased one. Of course, there’s an inherent risk that if the transplant goes too well you can develop two independent heart rhythms, especially in a scenario where one heart gets a little better. Apparently, that is exactly what happened to the Italian patient. After being admitted to the hospital, doctors administered drug therapy in an attempt to correct his dysrhythmia, only to have the medicine shut down both of his hearts. Then, doctors were able to successfully use a defibrillator to revive both hearts simultaneously. He’s now reportedly doing well with his two functioning hearts. (Source)


7. The Man Who was Born with Three Legs and Two Hearts

George Lippert was born in Germany in 1844. In addition to being born with three legs, he was also born with two functioning hearts, although that condition was unknown until his autopsy in 1906. His third leg was fully formed and even possessed an extra toe, giving Lippert a total of sixteen. The leg was not functional. Lippert claimed that his leg had been fully functional until it sustained a fracture.

Early in his career George was billed as the “only Three Legged Man on Earth” and he proved to be quite an attraction. Lippert even worked an exhibit with P. T. Barnum. However, evidenceindicates that he may not have been the easiest person with whom to do business. No photographs exist of George Lippert, except for a pitch card of a painting of Lippert that is shown above.

Lippert had a three-legged rival named Francesco Lentini. His fate was far more successful and he lived a long life, got married, and had children. He died in 1966 at the age of 78. Francesco (pictured on the right) was born in 1889 in Sicily. He was actually born with four legs, but the fourth limb was so poorly developed that he used to be considered a three-legged man. His third leg was fully functional. However, he also had a set of sixteen toes, and he had two sets of working male genitals. (Source)

3 legged man3 legged man

 8. The Baby Who was Born with Two Heads

Maria de Nazare, a 25-year-old Brazilian woman, believed when she was going into labor that she would be welcoming two babies into the world. Instead, just minutes before giving birth, tests revealed that the twins would share the same heart, lungs, liver, and pelvis. The babies have two brains and separate spines.

Maria de Nazare gave birth by caesarean section at a hospital in Anajas, in Brazil’s northern Para state, with her newborn weighing 9.9lbs. In a tribute to the religious celebrations at Christmas, she has decided to call the pair Emanoel and Jesus. The two-headed boy is, in reality, conjoined twins who share a single body. The condition is known as dicephalic parapagus, an extremely unusual form of conjoinment. The doctors who treated the woman claimed that at no point did the mother, who has three other children, appear distraught that her son has two heads.

Remarkably, this is the second time a two-headed baby was born in Brazil in 2011. Sueli Ferreira, 27, gave birth to a two-headed baby in Paraiba State, but it died a few hours later because of lack of oxygen to one of the child’s heads. Neila Dahas, director of the Santa Casa hospital, claimed that removing one of the heads was not even an option as both of the brains were functioning and breastfeeding. (Source)

baby with 2 heads

9. The Woman with Two Uteruses Who Gave Birth to Triplets

It might seem unusual for a woman to have two uteruses, but the condition, known as uterine didelphys, occurs in about one in 1,000 women. In fact, Hannah Kersey, her mother, and her sister all have two wombs. But Hannah made history in 2006 when she gave birth to triplets; the 23-year-old woman from Northam in Devon had identical twins Ruby and Tilly, who were born from one womb, and Grace, who was born from the other.

There have been about 70 known pregnancies in separate wombs in the past 100 years, but the case of triplets is the first of its kind and doctors estimate the likelihood is about one in 25 million. (Source)

woman with 2 wombs


nipple on leg

Nothing to see here. Just a guy with a 3rd nipple on his freakin’ leg!

Imagine this : perhaps the most important street photographer of the twentieth century was a nanny who kept everything to herself. Nobody had ever seen her work and she was a complete unknown until the time of her death. For decades Vivian’s work hid in the shadows until decades later (in 2007), historical hobbyist John Maloof bought a box full of never developed negatives at a local auction for $380.

street photography 001

John began to develop the negatives and it didn’t take long before he realised that these were no ordinary street snapshots from the 50’s and 60’s — these pictures were a lot more then that. Maier’s work is particularly evocative for those who grew up in the 50′s and 60′s because she seemed to stare deep into the soul of the time and preserve the everyday experience of the people. She ventured outside the comfortable homes and picturesque residential neighborhoods of her employers to document all segments of life in and around the big city.

street photography 002

street photography 003

street photography 004

street photography 006

street photography 007

vivian maier

He embarked on a journey to find the legend who took these beautiful pictures and he quickly discovered her name: Vivian Maier.

street photography 005

Here a self-portrait of Vivian

Before he could find her, John discovered  her obituary in the newspaper of 2009 . She slipped on ice, suffered a head injury and never fully recovered. She was 83 years old when she passed away.

Since then, the work of this mysterious and incredibly talented woman has turned the art world upside down. The pictures gained international media attention with exhibitions in London, New York , Los Angeles , Oslo and Hamburg.

John has also made ​​a documentary about Vivien and her work  — you can check out the trailer below. Wow! What an incredible story and what an inspiration.


Thrillseeking is a personality trait defined by the search for experiences and feelings, that are “varied, novel, complex and intense”, and by the readiness to “take physical, social, legal, and financial risks for the sake of such experiences. Risk is not an essential part of the trait, but for these thrillseekers riding a rollercoast just isn’t going to do it for them.

Personally I got a crazy stomach ache just from scrolling through these pictures. But then again, I’m also ridiculously scared of heights. But what do you think? Awesome, or stupid?

These thrillseekers will make you stomach turn

These thrillseekers will make your stomach turn


ice climbing

extreme balancing




extreme height balancing

mountain camping

extreme balancing


parachute drop from mountain

extreme mountain climbing



extreme stunts

balls of steel

extreme cliff diving

high diving

extreme sports

balancing on mountain peak

wire walking extreme

no cords balancing


Around World War II, Mrs. de Florian fled from her apartment in Paris. The rest of her life she neatly paid the rent, but never returned to the house. When she died at the age of 91, her heirs discovered the forgotten apartment. They entered a time portal back to the forties, because no one has been inside for seventy years! Between all the old dusty stuff they found a painting by the artist Giovanni Boldini, one of the most important painters of the Belle Epoque. The painting was later auctioned for 2.3 million euros. A beautiful, mysterious story. Just like the pictures below.







Source: The Telegraph

giant truck 0056

Giant replica of the Willys WWII Jeep

“Go big or go home”, a phrase that seems to be invented by the eccentric oil sheik, Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan – also known affectionately as The Rainbow Sheik. This goes especially for his taste in giant trucks.

hamad from space

The Rainbow Sheikh’s family name is the first thing the aliens will see…

The Rainbow Sheik got this nickname after buying seven Mercedes 500 SEL’s, each of which was then painted in a colour of the rainbow for each day of the week. Also, he holds a number of Guinness World Records, including the biggest graffiti tag on the planet as he had his name carved on his private island in letters that stretch two miles across. It’s so big that his name can be read from outer space, lets see Donald Trump beat that!

As mentioned, the man is obsessed with giant trucks. It’s unclear if he is trying to compensate for something or if this is the result of a childhood trauma. Either way his obsession clearly enters the domain of utter insanity. I know it, you know it, and deep down, I’m sure he knows it… But say what you want, these giant trucks sure are a jaw-dropping sight to behold. Also, it is comforting to see that the $4-per-gallon-gasoline we are buying, is helping to support a good cause.

The worlds largest truck

The World’s Largest Truck

This is the World’s largest truck, a replica of the classic Dodge Power Wagon, about eight times the original size. It has four bedrooms inside the cabin and weighs more than 50 tonnes! With over 300 cars, the rainbow sheik owns one of the largest car collections in the world, but the Dodge Power Wagon is his personal favorite. Why, you wonder? Well, the Dodge Power Wagon holds a special place in his heart as it is synonymous with the oil boom. Early oil prospectors relied on them when they were out in the dessert drilling for oil, and therefore  the Rainbow Sheik build this driving temple to honour his favorite car.

large jeep

Super sized replica of the WWII, Willys jeep

Bizarre giant truck made from two Wrangler Jeeps

What the tuck?

mercedes monster Truck

The Mercedes Monster Truck

8 wheel drive

The 8WD Truck

Becoming a superhero… The thought alone will make 50,000 nerds, me included, squeal in excitement. But what if I told you that there are people walking among us (flying has not yet been confirmed) who wield real-life superpowers that have scientists scratching their heads?”

These people didn’t get their superpowers from a radiation experiment gone horribly wrong but, in most cases, are born with a rare genetic mutations that allows them to do things which shouldn’t be possible. We are talking about real people with superpowers such as:

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Can you believe these people really exist?!

Liam Hoekstra, the Incredible Hulk Toddler


Hulk Strength

At first glance, Liam Hoekstra, looks like any other six year old. However, when Liam grabs a ten-pound dumbell and waves it around like a pillow, it becomes clear that he is no ordinary boy. Liam was born with a mutation that basically makes him as strong as an ox. When he was just two days old he could already walk, and at the age of three, he was as quick as an cat and could lift his parents sofa. Just imagine what that must have been like for the parents if they were watching tv on this very same sofa at the time this happened?!

Anyway, his condition doesn’t make him extremely bulky as you see with animals who have a similar condition, but his skeletal muscles are in fact 40% stronger then the rest of us mere mortals.

Real people with superhero powers, Liam Hoekstra

So what is happening?

Liam Hoekstra’s extremely rare genetic disorder called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, blocks the production of a protein called myostatin that normally limits muscle growth. While a disorder to some, others might consider his situation as being blessed like a millionaire with a T-Rex penis, since there are no known downsides to this condition. Okay, he does have an incredibly fast metablosism which requires Liam to eat as least 6 meals a day, but that is a small price to pay for Hulk-like strength and never putting on any body-fat, ever!

Liam might not be throwing minivans at bank-robbers just yet, but give the boy some time. He’s only 6 years old at the moment and nobody really knows how far his Hulk-like strength can go as he grows older and starts lifting weights. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see this super human toddler grow up by stopping by his Facebook page from time to time.

The Samurai who can slow down time


real superpowers

Isao Machii can only be described as a modern- day superhero samurai, as he can perform feats with his katana that should not be possible outside of an comic-book. We are talking about slicing a bullet in half in mid-air, as it races towards him at 160 feet per second.

Not only does it take any other sword master years of practice to even hit such a small object when it’s stationary, the speed at which it is shot as Isao Machii is to fast for the human eye to register. His seemingly super human skill was put to the test by the Mythbusters team as his sword-mastery was filmed using an slowmotion camera.

So what is happening?

After seeing his super human skills in action, Dr. Ramani Durvasula had this to say about Isao Machii : “This is about processing at an entirely different sensory level, because he’s not visually processing this. This is a different level of anticipatory processing.”

Basically, what he is doing is something that we can all do, namely to anticipate where a ball will land when somebody throws it as us. A baseball player can get so good at this that they can predict the trajectory of a ball that travels over 90 mph. The difference is that a baseball player still uses eyesight to make the swing, while Isao has taken this to another stupendous level, where he doesn’t require eyesight at all.

The Real-life Namor


Real superhero

Lets face it, Namor isn’t exactly the coolest superhero in the Marvel universe. Still, I wouldn’t say no to having his super powers even if they aren’t as awe inspiring as the ones wielded by his superhero colleagues. Namor can stay underwater for an infinite amount of time and while Solvin does require oxygen from time to time like the rest of us, this free-diving spear-fisherman, sure comes close to being a real life aquaman.

Together with his family he has lived his entire life on a houseboat and rarely comes on shore. This aquatic lifestyle has changed how Solvin’s body functions. For example his vision is twice as clear underwater then the average person, but his greatest feat is actually hunting on the ocean-floor at a depth of over 20 meters. This man isn’t one of those magicians who can just hold his breath over a long period of time. No, his body has actually adapted in such a way that he is able to sustain the crushing forces at such a depth and stay underwater for over 5 minutes while still being able to catch a fish. Not because he wants his face on the Guinness Book of Records show, but because he’s looking for supper.


The Real Human Torch


The Real Human Torch

By using an infrared camera, master Zhou, was recorded to generate heat of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit from the palms of his hands, as he made water boil with nothing but his hands. In this case it’s probably best to just watch the video as no words can describe the insanity of his real superhero powers!

So what is happening?

Master Zhou is a Qi Gong Master who uses Chi energy to perform inhuman feats that are unexplainable by modern science. Besides creating fire from the palm of his hands he can, for example, displace his bodyweight by focusing his energy, effectively allowing him to walk on a sheet of paper without breaking it. Before coming to the United States, Master Zhou traveled throughout mainland China teaching Qi Gong. Highly respected and honored in China, Master Zhou has been called a Treasure of the Nation, but currently practices Qi Gong in LA, California.

The Iceman



Since we just had the real life equivalent of the Human Torch, it only makes sense to follow up on that with the human ice cube. Meet Wim Hof, the man who is impervious to cold. Now I know you have probably seen other people do similair things, and so did Wim. That’s why he figured he had to do something to stand out, something insane… The result? Wim Hof climbing Mount Everest, in nothing but a pair of bicycle shorts. With a temperature of minus 35 degrees, any person who hasn’t been hit by a radioactive comet would have been dead in minutes. Wim, however, was perfectly fine and even said it was easy for him.

Real superhero powers

So, what is happening?

Research has shown that the “Iceman” is able to influence his nervous system through concentration and meditation. This is quite a boring explanation for something so mental, but keep in mind that Wim’s condition is an unique case and scientists have discovered that his insane routines might have altered his body’s chemistry. Still, if you’re interested then you can learn how to become an iceman yourself by attending his “how to become a badass workshops“.


The Human Anvil


ram man

The self proclaimed “headbutt king” Gino Martino is a pro-wrestler with a mutant power that comes in very handy in his line of work, namely breaking stuff with his head. Yes, we have seen people do that all the time at martial arts shows and things like that. However, this man isn’t your ordinary black belt karate master that breaks bricks with his face, or block kicks with his balls. No, this man can hammer a 6 inch nail into a piece of wood with just his forehead, which is quite unsettling to watch as you can see in the video below.

Any other person would no doubt be dead after trying something like that, or at the very least scramble his brain. Gino, however, has been doing it for years on a daily basis, and shows no signs of brain damage after all those years.

gino martino is a real superhero

So, what is happening?

Gino 1After scientists performed a series of tests, it turns out that his skull is, 14.5 mm thick, compared to the 6,5 mm of an average man. Yup, this guy has one thick skull. Unfortunately for Gino, his head didn’t come with a matching super thick skin, so when he does his head-bashing magic, he still ends up with a bloodied face.

I understand that some might think Gino is just one of those crazy wrestlers who doesn’t mind breaking some bones or seriously injure himself just to entertain a crowd of 15 people in a Bingo hall. However, Gino’s skull does make him extraordinary and besides a pro-wrestler, he would also make for one hell of an supervillain if he could use his powers to crack open ATM machines!

The Real Iron Man Suit


iron man 3

For those of us who haven’t been blessed with a superpower granting mutation, or don’t want to find out if gamma rays don’t just kill us, there is still hope… Millitary contractor Raytheon has developed this XOS2 exoskeleton that is pretty damn close to an early sketch of Iron Man’s Mark IV suit of armor.

Okay, it can’t fly or shoot laser beams just yet, but it is pretty close to the cave-build suit seen in the first Iron Man movie, which is already pretty sweet. What the suit does is enhance the strength of it’s wearer so that a normal punch turns into a punch that goes through thick planks of wood (as shown in the video below) or through someone’s face (as not shown in the video).

This amazing robotic suit turns any weak sauce couchsurfer into a bonafide badass, capable of carrying over 200 pounds of equipment on it’s back without breaking a sweat. At this time it’s potential is wasted on boring things like lifting extremely heavy ammunition and medical equipment, but of course it’s just a matter of time before “Exoskeleton Boxing” becomes an Olympic Sport.

Ben Underwood, The Real Daredevil


real superpowers22

Underwood had both his eyes surgically removed but left doctors stunned as he was actually able to see things by using sound.

So, what is happening?

Ben Underwood was diagnosed with retinal cancer at the age of two and therefore both his eyes had to be removed when he was just three years old. This terrible turn of events didn’t break Ben’s will to live a full life though. At the age of five he learned himself to “see” his surrounding, with the use of echolocation. He was able to produce a clicking sound with his tongue which would bounce off object, allowing him to visualize his surroundings. Ben was the only known person to ever use echolocation and could do some truly amazing things like: play video games, ride a bike, skating, climbing trees, and basically everything he always did before he lost his sight.

Ben Underwood passed away on january 19, 2009 at the age of 16. He fell victim to the same cancer that claimed his sight. His biggest super power seemed to be his ability to make lemonade from the lemons life gave him, and he left behind a legacy of inspiration for visually impaired people all over the world.


bizarre facts you probably didn't know

These bizarre facts are in random order of awesomeness

Now you may be asking yourself. “But BizarBin, why would I risk straining my brain by memorizing these bizarre facts if I can Google?” That’s a good question and we are more then happy to fill you in. The reason why you should try to commit these bizarre facts to memory, is that they then become handier then a pocket on a shirt if you want to impress someone! Once memorized, you’re very unlikely to meet someone else with this same knowledge and as a result you can seem to be at least 20% smarter than the equipment you’re runnin’!

Well, I hope you enjoy it and remember that you can contribute to the list by adding your own bizarre facts in the comment section below.

1. In Germany many fake bus stops can be found outside nursing homes. There are placed there to prevent confused senior citizens from wandering off.

bizarre facts most people don't know about

Pffft 2 hours of waiting is to much… shall we call a cab or just take my Unicorn?

2. In the book, Pinocchio actually kills the cricket, imprisons his maker for 3 years, bites off a cats hand, kills a snake by making it explode from laughing to hard, and turns into a donkey.

bizarre facts not many people know about

You son of a…

3. Cats don’t meow to communicate with other cats. They only meow to communicate with humans.

bizarre facts most people don't know about

“Now human slave, go and fetch me my catnip mouse!”

4. According to National Geographic, red-heads might become extinct by the year 2060.

Bizarre facts not many people know about

There are many famous redheads in history, such as the bard William Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus and the Queen Elizabeth, and the more recent ones Peter Beattie, Nicole Kidman, Prince Harry and Michael Voss. But the future doesn’t look bright for the redheads according to the National Geographic article.

5. Butterflies in your stomach, when you see someone you like, is actually a stress response caused by adrenaline.

6. American actor, writer, director- and three-time Emmy Award winner, Bryan Lee Cranston, played two different Power Ranger villains in 1993 (Snizzard, and Twinman).

Weird facts not many know about

Holy hell, he must be extremely happy that he got to wear a mask during that whole Power Ranger phase…

7. Cat’s kidneys are so efficient that they can rehydrate, while drinking seawater.

bizarre facts you didn't know about

Do I have a drinking problem? Only when I run out of Tequila dude…

8. The Moonwalk pre-dates Michael Jackson by at least 50 years.

9. British police cars carry a teddy bear to comfort children after an accident.

weird facts most people didn't know about

10. There is a dying Mexican language that only two people in the world speak fluently and they are not talking to each other…

weird facts most people don't know about

The language of Ayapaneco has been spoken in Mexico for centuries. It has survived the Spanish conquest, seen off wars, revolutions, famines and floods. But now, like so many other indigenous languages, it’s at risk of extinction. There are just two people left who can speak it fluently – but they refuse to talk to each other. Manuel Segovia, 75, and Isidro Velazquez, 69, live 500 metres apart in the village of Ayapa in the tropical lowlands of the southern state of Tabasco. It is not clear whether there is a long-buried argument behind their mutual avoidance, but people who know them say they have never really enjoyed each other’s company. Source

11. 2010’s Oldest living person wasn’t real.

In 2010, when Tokyo officials went to congratulate the oldest known living man on his 111th birthday, but instead they discovered a 30-year-old skeleton. The family was still drawing of the pension he was receiving.

12. On average we fart a balloon’s worth of gas a day.

13. Charles “Pretty Boy”Floyd, wasn’t all bad.

weird facts

This notorious robber, murderer and gangster active in the 1930’s, made himself loved by the public by destroying mortgage papers at the banks he robbed, freeing many from their debts.

14. Every year Louis Vuitton burns all their unsold bags.

weird facts most people don't know about

Why the hell burn them instead of putting them on sale? They do this to make sure the value of their bags doesn’t drop.

15. The location of the world’s tallest tree, ‘Hyperion’, is kept secret from all but a select few scientists.

This Coast Redwood tree in Northern California was measured at 115.61 metres, making it the world’s tallest known living tree.

dream facts you probably didn't know about

Dreaming is still a very mysterious phenomena. But what do we know about dreams?

As soon as our head hit the pillow, its lights out and many of us wake up not remembering a single thing that occurred, in the 7 or so hours, during that time. However the cells firing in your brain are very much awake, enough so to produce vivid and sometimes downright haunting dreams that take place during the rapid-eye-movement stage of our sleep.

Why do some people have nightmares about man-eating butterflies (like me) while others spend their nights in bliss? Dreams are still a very mysterious phenomena, but as technology advances, scientists are slowly finding some of the answers. Here we have collected a list of dream facts and information on what we know goes on in dreamland, such as:

biggest robberies

On the night of 16 October, seven works of art were stolen from the Kunsthal Rotterdam in Holland. The massive art heist included extremely valuable paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Monet, and Lucian Freud, among others.

Now Personally, I think everyone has considered robbing a bank or museum at some point in their lives. However I always figured it would require unusual cleverness to pull of such an seemingly impossible theft. Turns out I was totally wrong. Here we will talk about some of the biggest robberies in history, all of which were childishly simple to pull off, heists like:

Masako Mizutani the lady of eternal youth!

Masako Mizutani the lady of eternal youth!

Masako Mizutani is the mother of a 20-year-old daughter yet she looks like a teenager herself. Masako Mizutani has become a TV sensation overnight in Japan where she’s being referred to as ‘The Lady of Eternal Youth’. What is her beauty secret you might wonder? Does she use a magic elixir, is she a robot, alien… what is it? Keep reading to find out!

Masako Mizutani- Japan's lady of eternal youth

Masako Mizutani says: no smoking, drinking lots of water and a healthy balance are her secret. But since that explanation sounds way to simplistic for having eternal youth, we just go ahead and assume that there is also a magical elixer involved.

Masako Mizutani posing with her daughter

Masako Mizutani posing with her 20 year old daughter. One could easily mistake them for sisters.

As you can imagine Masako has become a true idol for middle-aged women and she often reveals more in-depth beauty tips on her blog. Unfortunately her blog is written in Japanese and is of little use to those of you who never took up those Japanese classes. Fortunately my friend translator-san was able to help me out and below you will find the translated beauty tips from the woman of eternal youth herself. I will update this page as soon as she reveals more groundbreaking beauty tips or, obviously, when she finally reveals the location of her secret fountain of youth.

Masako Mizutani: Japanese Lady of Eternal Youth

masako mizutani05

Masako Mizutani the 44 year old woman who looks like a teenager

Masako Mizutani still looks like a teenager with glasses

Masako Mizutani 0014

Masako Mizutani 0015

Masako Mizutani 0016

Masako Mizutani 0017

Masako Mizutani 0018

Masako Mizutani 0019

Masako Mizutani 0020

Masako Mizutani 0021

Some of these pictures were met with scepticism of our readers. It’s true that with all the Photoshopped pictures floating around on the Internet it is hard to tell what is real or not. Some say there is a difference between her appearance on pictures compared to what she looks like on TV. Personally I find it hard to tell, but even if this is true, she still looks incredibly youthful on TV as you can see in the video below.

Beauty Tips from Masako Mizutani

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Keep both your body and mind fit

According to Masako it’s important to keep both the body and mind active to stay young. Meaning we should do regular workouts and continue to stimulate our brain as we grow older.

Eat healthy and in proportions


Fresh and healthy food is very important for a young skin and body. She eats 4 meals a day in small portions. Also, she drinks a lot of water, which is important for washing out the toxins and it keeps the skin free of problems such as black heads and white heads. Also smoking is obviously not done if you want to keep looking like a teenager.

Skin care


Eating the right food such as; fruits, milk, nuts and vegetables are the most important factor for feeding the skin. However a skin care routine is also key to keeping your skin younger as it protects you from outside influences such as: dust, dirt and pollution. As mentioned before, you should always apply vitamin E based cream or lotions all over the body to keep the skin soft. Also it’s important to never go out in the sun without sunscreen protection. Sun is the most damaging factor for our skin and can easily make you look older if you’re not careful. One should follow the cleaning and moisturizing routine every night before going to bed.

The right make-up


Good health is not everything and of course Masako also applies make-up techniques to give her that “forever young” look. Her biggest tip is to apply the right make up for your age. Too bright colors and shades don’t work out very well as you grow older. Instead apply light make-up and light shades.

Last but not least, play Pacman


You’re probably wondering what playing Pacman has to do with physical appearance? Well Masako apparantly is a huge fan of games that require fast reflexes and Pacman is her all time favorite. She says playing games like Pacman improves creativity, decision-making, perception and most importantly, keeps the mind active. Playing for hours on end is not recommended though, but a 30 minute session is a great way to stimulate the brain. That being said, we have added the all time classic below so you can start right away. See if you can beat my 23,000 High Score 😉

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