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Brace yourself for part 4 of “What the Freak?!” From the most bizarre and awkward photos, to the freakiest freaks: BizarBin brings you your weekly dose of pure bizarreness. I hope you enjoy it and remember: you can also help us build the interweb’s most epic compilation of WTF pictures by submitting your own photos. The best ones will be added to the list with honourable mention of the uploader who, in turn, will also be nominated for King of Switzerland!

Enjoy over 50 of the most insane WTF Pictures!

ufc fighter

what the fuck
wtf images

wtf image 000231


strange people comic con

wtf photo 00432

wtf 00035

wtf 0037

strange people 00005

wtf 004351

wtf 00274

The Tunnel to Nightmareville

scared cat wtf

wtf 0038

WTF 00034

cat in jacket

creepy lamp

ice skating wtf

creepy statue

strange people beach

douche bag

wtf 0039

evil easter bunny

burger man
wtf 0041

weird people 0002

weird people

wtf 00036
wtf 0040

wtf 0042

wtf 0054

wtf 0065

wtf 0068

wtf 0069

wtf 0073

wtf 00124

wtf 000346

wtf 00376

wtf 00423

wtf 00476

wtf 00543

wtf 00544

stacking turtles

wtf picture 0005

wtf picture 00067

wtf 00546

wtf 00547

wtf 00573

wtf 00645

wtf 00673

wtf 00689

wtf 00743

wtf 005467

wtf sign

wtf wedding

wtf horse

wtf party

ugly dog

hypnotic dance

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  1. 😮 i know the guy with the buggy full of puppets XD.
    he’s from bern and living in a clinic nearby. nice chap actually =).
    he’s been sitting around knitting in the arcades or at the station for years with a display of highheels.
    he probably passed away by now. haven’t seen him for ages…

  2. The guy in the banana suit was known as CC Banana (after CC Deville). He would interview rock stars and other people in his banana suit and he was an improv comic named Anthony John Confessore. Unfortunately he committed suicide about a year ago.