From the most bizarre and awkward photos, to the freakiest freaks: BizarBin brings you your weekly dose of pure bizarreness. I hope you will enjoy this fine collection of WTF pictures. All of which will leave you scratching your head as your brain is desperately trying to make sense of it all. Days later, you might even have sleepless nights as you rolling in your bed still looking for context. However, you’re not going to find that here. We can tell you right now that the longer you’ll look at these images, the more confused you’ll get. But hey, that doesn’t mean they can’t be extremely entertaining. Besides, sometimes its simply more fun to use your imagination!

One last thing… We’d like to remind you that you can also help us build the interweb’s most epic compilation of WTF pictures by submitting your own photos. The best ones will be added to the list with honorable mention of the uploader, who in turn will also be nominated for King of Scotland!

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