All people are equally valuable and have the power to make their own decisions regarding their body. Even if you choose a more unusual look or lifestyle, society should accept that.

This is especially true for Amanda Ahola. The 22-year-old Finn has dreamed of plastic surgery ever since she was 16 years old. Over time, her goal grew to become a living Barbie doll – and now, 6 years later, she is almost at her destination.

“Friends and family accept me, even if they do not understand all of my decisions,” she says.

It was Ladbible who recently spoke about Amanda’s special way of life. Since childhood, Barbie dolls and their looks have been their role models. The curvy Finn started working at the age of 16, so that she could use the money to make her dream body a reality. And she is currently working as a webcam model to pay for her surgeries. Obviously, her boyfriend isn’t to happy with her line of work but he has learned to accept it.

Amanda Ahola 001

Now, 6 years later, Amanda Ahola has enlarged her breasts 3 times, enlarged her lips, got a face lift, had her cheekbones rounded, and she wears a special corset every day to reduce her waist.

Amanda Ahola 002

Overall, the 22-year-old spent almost 50,000 euros for various surgeries and treatments, with only the breasts costing over 15,000 euros.

Amanda Ahola 003

She nearly died in surgery

During her last surgery, Amanda nearly died after a swelling occurred in her brain. After spending a week in the hospital, she swore to never undergo surgery again. However, she quickly changed her mind. Now she wants to continue building her body using only local anesthetics – but her doctors are against it.

“I tried three different clinics but was rejected everywhere. Now I’m just doing smaller treatments that I can handle on my own, “she says.

Amanda wanted next to a narrower waist, a bigger behind, new teeth and another face lift.

“By changing my appearance, I had a life I would never have come close to before. Without my breasts, everything would have been completely different, “she says of her beloved, huge” breasts “that sometimes got in the way of recovery after her last surgery.

The last few years Amanda has become increasingly popular online as a model and has amassed thousands of fans.

– “Friends and family accept me, even though they do not understand all of my decisions, but my relationships are not affected. I love myself, both my looks and my personality.

No one is perfect, but I’ll keep doing this until I’m as close as I can, “says Amanda.