Victoria Brooks, Lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster, has said we have to change the way we see sex robots.

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Composing for TheNextWeb, Victoria said banning sex dolls isn’t a choice (they are far too popular) β€” yet we have to reevaluate our connections amongst people and robots.

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A year ago at a tech fair in Austria, Samantha the sex robot was over and again attacked and left “filthy” and with two broken fingers from horny fans.

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Also, Victoria says Samantha’s treatment brings up huge moral issues about how we see sex robots.

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Victoria said:

“Yes, Samantha is a machine…”

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She added:

“But does this mean it is justifiable to act destructively towards her?”

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She continued:

“Surely the fact she is in a human form makes her a surface on which human sexuality is projected, and symbolic of a futuristic human sexuality.”

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Also, Victoria says the time may come when people should obtain sexual consent from a robot.

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She said:

“In legal terms, this would mean having to recognise the robot as human.”

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She finished:

“We are making these robot lovers in our image and we ought not to pick and choose whether to be kind to our sexual partners, even when we choose to have relationships outside of the “norm”.”

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