The age old question of what turns someone on. To some that means which part of their body they like touched or teased. To others, it’s about the personality of a partner that draws them in.

To try and cut through the confusion, sex toy retailer, Eden Fantasys, asked 2,000 Americans about their biggest turn-ons. The catch is that not all of the questions revolved around bedroom play. Interestingly, the survey found that many non-sexual things turned people on. Many of them were related to the other person’s character or how that person made them feel.

The thought behind women liking funny guys is that by making a woman laugh makes her more comfortable. In layman’s terms, by making her laugh, you make her want to spread her legs open.

Psychologically, when you open a car door for her and take her out to dinner, subconsciously, she clocks in you taking care of her in little ways. In which she will want to return the favor after dessert.

But maybe the little things women notice and appreciate, come from the recognition of characteristics they want in a long-term partner. Whatever the reasoning behind it, here are the top-reported 10 non-sexual turn ons from the EdenFantasys survey:

#1. 69% – YOUR SMELL

Smell is suggesting and powerful. It also rung as number one for the most you can turn on a woman without touching her. It’s no surprise that the way someone smells can be a turn-on, and that a bad smell can definitely be a turn-off. But while women do love a little man musk, a “male-oriented smell” is a safe way to go.


For men who keep complaining that they don’t know how to treat her: basically, most women like a man that holds the door open and smacks her ass on the way out. They want to be shown that they’re loved. They want to be shown that they are desirable and coupling the two is a win-win for your both. It’s easy to see how having them be affectionate could have a powerful effect. It’s a sign of intimacy and caring, both of which can help you feel closer and maybe even a little turned on.


Number three was feeling appreciated, coming in at 61 percent of respondents finding it to be a turn-on? “Thank you” has a much stronger effect than you think. For extra points: return the favor by showing your appreciation. She feels loved, you get freaky sex.

#4. 46% – SENSE OF STYLE

Nearly half of respondents said that someone dressing nicely turned them on. However people can have wildly different fashion senses, so one person’s dream outfit might not be the same as another’s. Don’t forget to be 100% you, but there’s no harm in keeping up with up-to-date trends and styles.


The brain is sexy, and wanting to explore the intricacies of your partner’s is even sexier. Forty-five percent of people were turned on by someone else’s intelligence, so engage in deep and substantial conversation… definitely without making it a Ted Talk.