You may have noticed that bikinis seem to get smaller every year–a trend that I’m sure most guys will appreciate. But is there such a thing as too small? Well, I think it’s safe to say that Micro Bikinis may be a bridge too far for most of us…

What are Micro Bikinis?

In case you’re wondering what the heck Micro Bikinis are. It’s–as so elegantly described by Urban Dictionary–”the best damn bikini ever! Altogether, it covers about six inches. Even better with oil. So, take your pants off and look it up.”

Are Micro Bikinis for everyone?

This all depends. If you’re comfortable with your body, it shouldn’t really matter if you’re rocking a hard body or not. However–depending on your body type–they can be seriously unflattering. So generally speaking, we believe they are best suited for women who don’t feel uncomfortable rocking a camel toe and get a kick out of flaunting their toned booties at the beach.

Micro Bikini fail
Never underestimate the profound influence of Borat…

Which Micro bikini should I get?

There is one brand that is leading the charge in “barely there” swimwear. They specialize in the most extreme, provocative beach intimates that leave little to none to the imagination. Below we have rounded up 20 of the hottest pieces I could show–without embarrassing my mom.

Enjoy! And be sure to let us know what you think of these raunchy pieces by dropping a line in the Facebook comments.


Micro Bikini 001


Micro Bikini 002


Micro Bikini 003


Micro Bikini 004


Micro Bikini 005


Micro Bikini 005


Micro Bikini 006