This is it, folks, a new fashion trend has officially taken over and it’s bound to turn some heads! Looking at trends among celebrities, 2018 was the year when they let their breasts roam free and proud like never before. A handful of celebrities started rocking the no-bra look back in 2015, but in 2018 it seems like hardly anyone is wearing a bra anymore. And as always with a celebrity trend of this magnitude, it’s just a matter of time before the “ordinary breasts” have to surrender to the hype as well.

I realize women may feel some combination of uncomfortable, unprofessional, or unnecessarily provocative to go braless. But it’s a win-win for everybody, really. For example, did you know there’s evidence of a relationship between bras and breast cancer? Yes, seriously! So, to pay tribute to this glorious fashion trend, we’ve rounded up 30 pics of ladies who are already giving the right example.

But first, a salute to some of the celebrities who’ve started the trend!